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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Woohooo!!!!! I just saw PoC: Dead Man's Chest, and what a ride!!!

Major spoilers follow under the cut! Do not read if you have not seen the movie!! I mean it!

My first impressions, completely at random:

I thought Norrington was sexier than ever as a pirate, but I do wish he hadn't turned over the heart to Beckett. Darn it!

I am going to disagree with just about everyone and say that Elizabeth's sole purpose in kissing Jack was to chain him. She may be mildly attracted to him - who wouldn't be? - but her heart belongs to... herself. Yes, she loves Will, but right now, she is just working for herself. She's becoming what she was meant to be. And poor Elizabeth, she's not sure she likes it, and is now having some empathy for Jack.

Will comes into his own as a hero, doesn't he? He was sort of hapless in the first film, but still brave and honorable. Now he's an almost perfect hero. But still a sucker. I felt sorry for his dad. I hope that Will is able to free him.

Of course I believe that Jack is inside the Kraken, just like his hat was. Apparently being taken to World's End.

Wasn't Tia Dalma the coolest???

I find the fact that the "core" group of sailors keeps surviving, while everyone else dies, is a bit too coincidental. And I sure felt sorry for all the innocent sailors that met their doom.

CGI was about seamless. wow. Bill Nighy added a lot of masculine creeeeepiness to Davy Jones.

And the surprise ending? Loved it. Loved the apple.

I stayed for the end, after the credits. hee!! I wonder if the dog knows they're going to eat him? I bet he gets away without the shenanigans Jack had to go through.


Woohoo!! I'm so glad you liked it! I was never quite sure if you would or not after all our discussions. I so wish I could come to chat tonight and discuss, but I have a lot of work to do for, well, work tomorrow. Count on me tomorrow night!

BTW, I may have not expressed it all that well, but I totally agree with your assessment of Elizabeth at the end. I was mightly surprised at what she did, but I never once thought her sole purpose was to chain him up. She could have gotten him some other way, but, as Jack said, she was curious. She is finding out exactly who she is (Pirate) and it's not an overly pleasant experience!
Well, since it is Disney, I think Will probably really is that good. He loves Elizabeth so much that he's willing to get Jack back for her and then let her go. At least, that's what it seemed like to me. He already knows she is "as wild and as untameable as the sea" and if he tries to hold on to her, how bad that's likely to go for both of them.

I actually like Elizabeth a little bit less for having done that. There were other options and I don't like the nagging suspicion I have that maybe, very deep down, there was the smallest selfish motive for leaving him to die. Now she doesn't have to choose, does she?

Norrington was awesome in this movie. LOVED the exchanges between him and Jack:

Jack: What are you doing here, mate? You look bloody awful.
Norrington: You hired me. It's not my fault your standards are lax.
Jack: You smell funny!

Jack: My compass is... unique.
Norrington: "Unique" here having the definition of "Broken".

BWAH! I like snarky Norrington. Will is good enough and honorable enough for EVERYONE.
I think that Elizabeth's major motive in kissing Jack was to chain him, but not her sole one. I think curiousity and desire/attraction had a part in it, too.

I also liked GrubbyPirate!Norrington, but I've always thought that Norrington's two strongest character traits were unselfishness and honor, so the change of character didn't sit all that well with me.

Will was much improved from the last movie, I though. His character had more depth and he was so much more mature and competent. It was sort of sad to see him sitting through the last few scenes looking like a kicked puppy, though.

Coolest. ending. ever.

I will email you with lots more talk about this. Or you email me. Whoever gets to it first. :)

God, I need Jack icons. Now that FB is coming to an end, I've been thinking I need a new fandom to play in. I may have found it. :)

God, I need Jack icons.

Aye, I've had that same feeling every time I made an entry in the last week or so. I have some, but they're old and I was never happy with them. Then inspiration struck me today and I literally dropped everything (my laundry) and planted my butt and started working on some. This is just the first of several. I can't wait to see yours!
I have to go hunting for them, since I've only made a few icons in my life and they're less than spectacular. ;) I am such an icon whore. I have tons of them. I loves 'em!
I'm glad it was a good movie. I want to see it, but I promised my sister I'd go with her, and we both need a night off to go. I was worried they'd butcher the sequel, playing off the success of the last movie--and no, I don't care about spoilers.

Heh, Norrington revelation sounds hilarious.
Hurray! I'm so glad that you enjoyed Dead Man's Chest, Kat! I absolutely adored the film but so many critics are giving it terrible reviews (2 out of 5 stars – what the heck? No way!)
Reviewers, for the most part, suck.