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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I think I may have a title for my book. I thought about calling it "Redhand". So, those of you who haven't read any of it and don't know what that means, would you buy a fantasy book with a girl and a bear on the cover, and that title?

If you're curious, it refers to the heroine, whose name is still in limbo at the moment. But as the book stands now, she's known as Ayla Redhand, because her right hand was burned by demon fire and is a dark red color.


Sounds interesting! I'd buy it. :) I think the girl and the bear factor would sell me, most. I like stories that have a possibility that an animal will be an animal/human. I know I've not read your particular story, but thats what comes to mind, hearing what the cover'll look like, plus the nifty and interesting magical aspect of the hand. So in short, yes! :)

Ayla sounds like a good name... Is it pronounced like A-la, or I-la? As in, the first sound being the sound of the letter I, or A? (lol I'm no good at phonetics... ;))
I don't want to criticise your ideas, my friend, but I just feel that I aught to point this out to you:

- Your idea for the front cover sounds a little too similar to this.
- The main character in The Golden Compass is named Lyra Silvertongue, which sounds somewhat similar to your Ayla Redhand idea.
I couldn't go to that link, because for some stupid reason my computer won't go to either Amazon or Yahoo. (It's a problem I've had for a few months.) But I did a Google search on the Golden Compass, and I think I saw the cover you mean, a little girl peeking over the head of a polar bear.

I think I'll be OK. In the first place, Ayla is 19, a young woman, not a child, and Uru is a grizzly. Also, the pose is quite different. Whew.

Also, my story is very different from the Golden Compass, with a more primitive setting. The similarities in name are a hazard of writing fantasy - so much of it has been done, and the scope is so narrow, there's always some overlap. The animal "familiar" is more of an overlap, especially since Lyra's is a *bear*, darn it. But it's not close enough to worry me too much.

THANK YOU, however, for pointing that out! I mean it. I would have been horrified and embarrassed if they had been more close.



This is Rose. If I were into Fantasy, or thinking about reading some---it sounds like a good title and cover to me.

Re: Title--cover

Hey, HI there!!

And thanks!!