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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

So, another Mission Impossible movie has come out. Yet another instance of Hollyweird's lack of innovation and tendency to milk any cash cow until it's dry. I won't see it, not even on DVD, just as I never saw the first two, because I remember the show. It used to be one of my favorites, and I remember it as an absorbing, intricately plotted show with a good ensemble cast. I'm not interested in seeing it remade into BoxOfficeSuckUp #1,345. Even if I do like Tom Cruise.

And yeah, for the record, I actually like Tom Cruise even better now. Which isn't saying much, since I was indifferent to him until a few years ago. His recent antics remind me of a person who just released his inner child and found the kid a bit too exuberant, but too much fun to quash. Nothing wrong with that. Especially in a world where the so-called adults are robber-baron CEOs, or out starting wars. Other than the fact that he belongs to an evil cult, I think he's cute. Lots of other men having this kind of mid-life crisis go out and buy flashy convertibles and young sluts.

And how about Ian McKellan, when asked about Brokeback Mountain not getting the Oscar, saying that conservatives are wrong in thinking that Hollyweird is a hotbed of radicals, and that they're actually a bunch of old ladies? Setting aside the preconception that old ladies are all stodgy and stuffy (*smacks Sir Ian for that bit of prejudice*), it still cracked me up.


Well, I dunno, Kat, I think that Tom Cruise is thisclose to the young slut business with this TomKat three ring circus. *meow* However, my opinion of him has gone down the toilet as of late. I used to love him. Ah well, there are far prettier, more talented, less crazy people to drool over. *g*

As for Brokeback, I'm not sure it did deserve that Oscar having seen it. It's a good movie, but not a great one - if it had won, I would definitely have to say it only won because of it's subject matter, not it's actual production/story/acting values. I haven't watched Crash yet, but when I do, I'll undoubtedly air my opinion of it.

And, I'll be on chat tonight. Huzzah!
I saw Crash and it was a quite powerful movie. I did not see Brokeback, so I do not know if it was snubbed or not.

Besides, given Sir Ian is in his late 60s, old women to him would be the 80-somethings, right? ;)

In regards to the Mission Impossible movies...

I saw the first one. The ending really was a slap to series fans, I think. So, I have no really drive to see this current installment. I have been indifferent about Tom until recently. Now I think he's nuts.
I never saw the TV series, so my enjoyment of the first two movies (and I did enjoy them) wasn't influenced by that. However, I won't bother to see this one, because, quite frankly, I don't have any desire to see Tom Cruise in anything right now, which is a shame because I used to be a fan of his, but his recent behavior has really turned me off. This is unusual for me; I don't usually let a person's personal life interfere with my enjoyment of watching them perform, so I feel a little weird about it. It's not the jumping up and down on Oprah's sofa that did this; if he wants to act like a 14-year-old idiot, all fine and dandy. It's the fact that he purchased a sonogram machine and kept constant watch on the baby without medical supervision, which could have been dangerous to both mother and child; it's the fact that he publicly says "I always wanted to be a father" when he already has other children with Nicole Kidman, as if they don't matter; and finally, I think it's despicable to criticize anyone who is struggling with depression, post-partum or not, for using antidepressant medications and trying to help themselves get out of it. How dare he? I think he's gone over the edge a la Mel Gibson.