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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens


*sigh* No sooner does my romance novel get accepted by an ebook publisher, when the publisher decides to close her doors. I can't blame her - ebooks aren't all that popular. That may change, eventually, but not soon enough for her. Or me. I can still offer it as a download on Lulu, but it's still sad.

On another writing topic, I am determined to break this block I have on Prelude, and I think the best way to do it is to use the Nano approach. That is, to just write, even if it's crap. Just put the words down. So I am declaring June my month for that, setting a more modest goal (25,000 words), calling it "Juno", and posting the word count here, just like my Nano. Wish me luck.


Have you thought about pitching the romance novel to a real publisher? (Not to say ebooks aren't real in a sense, but you know what I mean.) If I remember correctly, at least a few people were interested enough to purchase it online. Maybe there's a chance you could find a publisher and a wider audience for it.

Good luck on your "Juno". Many authors find that the "write something every day, even if it's crap" approach is the best way to make yourself productive and learn stuff in the process, so I hope it'll work for you too.
I just spent last weekend listening to (fantasy) authors gripe about self-publishing/authorial publishing/net publishing. Net publishing is opening the doors to 'traditional' publication (House wise, though from what I've learned this weekend a lot of the greats were self-published up until recently) but still; it seems like you're making progress and that happens. That's gotta be frustrating, but at least romance is a huge market, and I'm sure that it'll find a house someplace else.

I for one just write a lot, but if I have something i want to get done, I take a notebook with me. I edit the chicken-scratches as I type them out, later, but everyone's creative process is different.
I'm really sorry to hear that! *cuddles* How awful. =(

Enh, I have a really hard time writing, no matter how well the story is plotted out. I just can't write it. So I think I know how you feel.

Good luck!
That stinks Kathy! I'm sure you'll get another offer.

Good luck! I don't think you are capable of writing crap. So there. I, for one, will be looking forward to more Prelude no matter what.