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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I just got the first disk for Avatar: The Last Airbender from Netflix, so as soon as I finish Peacemaker Kurogane, I start that. In the spare time I have that I'm not rewatching Cowboy Bebop to refresh my memory for "Prelude", anyway!

Busy day yesterday. We went to see The Da Vinci Code, then shopped for ceiling fans, and then, when I got home, I finished the last of 299 screen caps for Treasure Planet (yes, I'm afraid that volume is fairly typical for me, I'm sick) and created 9 new character pages for AL, plus added to the existing TP pages.

My roomie and I both liked The Da Vinci Code. So I changed my icon to reflect what I think of the Cannes critics. Well, what do you expect, they're French, they are probably Catholic, and they're artsy-fartsy types. *slaps self, since they did like Serenity* I guess they didn't read the book? I don't know how I would have taken it if I didn't know the book, but I think it's a pretty good rendition of it. As zora113 said, they made some changes, some of which I understand (such as the connection between Fache and the bishop), and some of which I totally don't (such as Fache's brutality). I think Tom Hanks did a good job (yes I do!), and Audrey Tautou was fine (although I think she should have dyed her hair red). Ian McKellan, Alfred Molina, Jean Reno, and Paul Bettany were their usual excellent selves (although I could have done with a little less of the gory stuff, Paul, no matter how cute your butt is) - Sir Ian particularly, but then, we expect that. I thought Etienne Chicot was really good as Collet, so there's a new character actor to add to my long list of favorites. One of my others on that list, Jürgen Prochnow, was a pleasant surprise for me! My roomie and I both thought the pacing was great - it didn't feel talky to us - and the way they mixed the past and present was cool.

OK, shutting up now.


I'm so glad you liked it! I haven't heard one negative comment about it from people who usually like the same things I do, only from reviewers, who I generally pay no attention to anyway. :P I've been looking forward to seeing it, and all the praise from my friends makes me want to see it even more. Hopefully, we'll get there next week. Wes wants to go, too, but he wants to wait for a rainy day, so he doesn't "waste" a good day at the movies. *rolls eyes*
Isn't it?! I tried it out on a whim because I thought the cover art for the first volume was shiny and was shocked to find that it's a surprisingly good show considering it's roots! Who knew Nick had a concept of a coherant, on-going storyline?