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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

More wildlife... I caught a raccoon enjoying the cat food we set out for our "strays", Rocket and Divette. It's a big raccoon, too - maybe 25 lbs or so. We're going to try to deny it food by only feeding the cats during the day, since - we think! - raccoons are nocturnal eaters.

I don't know if I mentioned that I caught a snake on the hearth right behind the parakeet cages, last week. After what happened to my poor Quigley, that upset me. He got away, but I saw how he got through, and plugged that hole good. We finally decided we had to break down and try a pest control company, despite the possible danger to our other pets, but when we called, the company refused to go under the house. They would only lay bait for the mice. Well, I can lay bait for the mice, and I won't charge a fortune to do it, either! *fume* However, we got lucky - the guy who installed our ceiling fans and ruined my weekend, last week, is willing to go under the house, plug any holes he finds, and place mothballs and something called "Snake Away" around the place. He ain't cheap, but at least he'll do it! Plus, we're putting screening around the bird cages, which should keep out both mice and snakes. The parakeets are already covered, and - surprise! - we're only using about 1/3 the seed we used to have to feed.

On another note entirely, I had thought that pretty much no one was reading Rurouni Kenshin fanfics any more, and certainly not mine, but I got a great review today on "The Path to the Sword", and I'm going to share it: This is the best origins of Hiko fic I've ever read. Dark, violent, and tragic, is what I imagine would have created the 13th Master of Hiten Mitsurugi. You did a masterful job. *does a happy dance* That just made my day.


Hey Kat! :) I think you're right, I do remember racoons being nocturnal. Boo to snakes! I'm glad you found someone to fix up your house. :) Yay for good fanfic reviews!