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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I worked some more on Prelude at lunch today. I didn't get much done - after all, I spend nearly 20 minutes of the hour just going there and getting back, and then I have to eat, too (although I read and edit while I eat). But I did get something done - Spike's in trouble as usual. hee!

The point of this post is for me to celebrate the act of creating. After dragging and dragging, I'm now back "in the groove" again. I'm sure that any of you who are creative know what I mean. I was sitting there, editing and eating, headphones on to drown out the ambient noise of the cafeteria, twitching at the intermittent sound of someone using a piece of small machinery. Then I sort of, well, fell into the world, and all that went away. When I'm like that, it takes a major action to get me to notice anything else. I'm totally in my universe, whatever it is - in this case, groovin' with Spike, hearing the bullets and smelling the smoke. It's fun - without my volition, Spike's starting to take on parts of his "adult" personality already.

But anyway, what a rush it is!! When I'm in this groove, it affects my whole personality. I'm in a good mood, no matter what is going on. I'm high, in a way. It's a better high than anything else can give me. Yeah, even sex, because it lasts longer and is a lot cleaner. *giggle*

See? Good mood. wheeeeeeeee!


Aw, it's great to see you in such a positive mood, Kat! I'm glad to hear that your creative muse has returned. I can only hope that she'll stick around for a long while!
You are starting to sound like me *wheee*