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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

OK, this might amuse some of you...

I had to buy a new keyboard recently, and I splurged on a wireless keyboard and mouse combo. Microsoft sucks (although not as much as Apple), but they do make good hardware, so I got the Wireless Optical Desktop Elite, or some such nonsense. The keyboard is very nice, but the mouse has a feature that just tickles me to no end. It has a "Magnifier". You push a button, and a (resizeable) rectangle appears that magnifies what's under it, just like a magnifying glass! (Go here for a look.) It is the coolest thing I've seen in ages!!

scenic_highway and zora113 are probably cracking up right now, since I've often moaned about how the small print people are using on websites proves that it's mostly young people making the layouts and icons and stuff. Now I can see it all, too, without having to change the resolution on my monitor. Wheeeee! Love my new stuff.

OK, calming down now and going away. Still in a great mood. *throws confetti*


Oooh, a magnifier? That sounds excellent! :D I feel your pain about the rediculously small print people sometimes use. Even with my glasses I have a lot of difficulty - especially when you can't make the font bigger the normal way. Ah well. Yay for new computer stuff! *throws more confetti for you*
Your not old Kathy...I can't stand that small jacked up print anyways...

p.s. thanks for posting I love to read about your life :D
That is pretty cool. :)
"Microsoft sucks (although not as much as Apple)"

*snicker* couldn't agree more
WOW! I neeeeed would love to have one of these! I have problems with small print, too, and this would be great for reading online manga.
Hmm, I'm sensing a sarcastic undertone to the small fonts I always seem to use... XDDD

Although, I'm glad they make this little device, simply because I know you've often whined about small print. XDDD
Brat. You're not supposed to take that *personally*! After all, you are far from the only one to use the tiny fonts.