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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Prelude babble

Juno word count: 8,173

Boy, I sure hope I get those two days off at the end of this week. I've scheduled them, but it's tentative, depending on the workload. eep. I need them if I'm ever going to hit my goal with this story!

Still, it's amazing what panic will do. I hit another wall today. Total blank. I knew I had to do something with Spike and Vicious. I knew it had to involve syndicate work and - with luck! - end up with Mao. That was all I had. I sat and stared at the blank lines on the page and went, "Uh... uhhh.... uhhh..." for a long time. Finally panic set in, and I did what I do with Nano. I just threw my characters in and let them talk. The next thing I knew, I had Vicious in the fog, meeting someone, and by the time he and the other guy stepped out and started talking, I knew what they were talking about. The rest of the scene unfolded with as many surprises for me as for Spike, but it rolled right to its end. Yay!! A little visit with Mao, and this chapter will be finished. *bounces excitedly* Yeah, I don't have the 18K words I wanted to have now, but I have something. And it ain't bad. If I do say so myself.


That's when you know it's working. When the characters pick their destiny.
I have a really weird time with writer's block because I kind of have a vague idea where I'm going. I was told not to skip around (prose is strongest if I do it straight forward) but that being said it sometimes helps if you write out an ending, then go back once you realize how they got there. Or whatever works.

Still, good job with your own writing goals.