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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

My post office is run by an idiot. I had a package that just barely fit in the parcel box. From the back. Unfortunately, from the front, the lip and hinge of the box prevented it from coming out. But I couldn't leave it there, because once you've put the key in the box, you can't get it out again, so it would have been left open all night. So I had to wrestle it out. It was a styrofoam box, and I not only scraped my arms all up, but I also took big chunks and grooves out of the styrofoam. And it was styrofoam because what was in it was FRAGILE!!! *fumes*

However, only the box, my arm, and my temper were damaged. Whew. However, the PO will hear from me tomorrow. *ominous Jaws music plays in background*

My college, Frostburg State University (it was Frostburg State College when I was there, but is now part of the U of Maryland) has some interesting alumni. Besides the greatness that is me (*coughcoughcough*), the guy who created the TV shows Yes, Dear and My Name Is Earl is a graduate (in fact, one of the episodes of the latter is set at FSU, although of course not actually filmed there), one is a Tony/Emmy/OBIE-award winning actress, and another is an astronaut! Pretty good for a little college in the hills.

Today was my 11th anniversary at my job. A testament to my durability.


I hate it when the post office does things like that. We've been very fortunate in that we lived in one place all our lives that had a good post office, and the postal workers here are so nice that they actually drive all the way up our long driveway rather than leave a package in the box.

Congratulations on your durability. I salute you! :)