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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Prelude babble:

I'm still managing somehow to hammer out a page or two every day at lunch. The danger is that I get so involved, I'm always running the risk of getting back to the office late!

Weirdly, Julia is starting to come alive for me now. She is starting, at last, to tell me what she wants to do and how she wants to act, to the point where I've actually had to rewrite some lines. Also, without being aware of it, I have been laying the groundwork for explaining why she abandoned Spike. I mean, the answer is still the obvious one (and not "She was a rotten coward", no), but unconsciously I've been creating an explanation behind the plain answer. I hope it ends up being acceptable, but then, I think nearly any explanation of so fleeting and mysterious a character as Julia would be acceptable to most people, as long as I didn't blatantly make her what she isn't.


I'm glad that Julia is getting easier for you to write and that she's talking to you now. I know she's been a difficult character for you to write. I've long held the hope that you will make me understand her better; I don't much care whether I like her better or not, odd as that may sound, just that she might hold a little more depth for me. I've never thought of Julia as being a "rotten coward", nor as a totally heartless bitch, either; but as rather self-serving and selfish (in the not-good way, and you know what I mean by that). However, that quality may be the very reason that she and Spike were so compatible in the first place.