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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Juno word count: 19,482

Not what I hoped, but not bad! Only 78% instead of 90% (my target) done, but that's still four chapters I didn't have before. And things are really rolling now. Spike's solidly in the Dragons, and Vicious just met Julia. wheeeee! I'm foreshadowing all over the place, and I'm loving every minute. These last two chapters have been easy to write for a change. I have a (long!) list of things I need to do, and I'm finding that I get along better, and get inspired faster, if I force myself to combine several of them into one scene. That forces me to think and think fast. It has a synergic effect, too - the scenes are better than I planned them.

Anyway, for those who are reading the story, I hope you're happy. For those who are not... why aren't you??? No, just kidding.


Well, there is the option of doing 10 000 words in one day... but those days the fingers hurt. Still, I'm glad its going well.

For the most part I don't do the fanfic thing, and I've only seen about four episodes (and the movie) of Cowboy Bebop. But I'll still read it when you're done.
LOL! I'd love it if you read it, but it won't be any fun for you if you haven't seen the series, since it is basically my own explanation for much that went on in the series that's left, well, unexplained.
I think I know enough to get by. Tell you what: You meet your goal I'll read it in it's entirety, okay?
I'm happy. ;) Can't wait to read this!
I'm really glad it's going so well! You know I'm going to read it! I read the beginning way back when you first started it, but I'll definitely have to start again from the beginning.
You might not have to wait too much longer. I'm getting close to the end now. Not real close... but close.