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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

A few more words about PoC, under a cut for spoilers (!!!).

Pondering the movie after nearly 24 hours, I still love it. As I said to peppimint, what do reviewers know? The second weekend of a movie is always the tester, for me - the first weekend, it can get by on hype, but the 2nd is fueled, or damped, by those who have actually seen it. And PoC:DMC killed the box office last weekend. The theater I saw it in was packed, which is very unusual for it.

zora113, I didn't actually say that about Elizabeth, but yeah, you're right, and that's what I was trying to say. heh. Liz is testing the waters, spreading her wings, pick your metaphor, on all fronts, and one of those is definitely the power of her femaleness. She is Pirate at heart, and she's discovering the down side to that. It cracks me up that she's more like Jack than like Will. But folks, don't feel sorry for Will. I'm sure he'll handle this, just as he's handled everything else.

I say this because I have developed a bit of faith in the screenwriters. DMC is just like CotBP, only more. More dark, more action, more character development, more silly - do all those revolving hilarious idiocies have a symbolistic purpose? - and more plot. But the "feel" is true and right, so I believe that At the World's End will be even better.

mirana, I think Will said he'd save Jack because - like everyone but Liz - he believed Jack stayed behind willingly, to save them, so it was the right thing to do. Personally, I think the boy is far too noble, but he makes a darling counterpoint to the rest of them, doesn't he? zora113, I agree that Will has seen - perhaps has always known - that Liz is wild as the sea, but I don't think for one minute that he's saving Jack for her. I think he plans to fight for her. But he'll do it the smart way.

As for Norrington, I was disappointed in the character, but not in the way he was developed. That is, I can see why the writers did all that (probably in reaction to Davenport complaining that he looked like an ice cream cone in the first film), but if Norrington were a real person, I'd be smacking him. I do love Snarky!Norrington, though.

coastal_spirit, on Norrington, I am going to agree and disagree with you. Yes, he was unselfish. But I think that was partially due to the fact that he was trained from boyhood in the English stiff-upper-lip thing to be a good loser. And he's basically a really nice guy. As far as honor, I think his personal honor came, not from within himself, but from the code he learned as a naval officer. Duty, more than honor, really. Therefore, when his commission was stripped from him - yes, I know they said he resigned it, but you know he did that under pressure - he had no honor left in his own eyes. Hence, his stupid descent into pig shit and rum. *slaps him*

One note on Beckett's actor, Tom Hollander - I always said that guy was miscast as Mr. Collins in Pride and Prejudice! Collins was a smarmy buffoon, someone to laugh at, but Hollander gave him a creepily villainous aspect that is perfect for Beckett.

OK, shutting up for now.

I saw another good movie this weekend, too - Disney's The Three Musketeers. No, not the one with Kiefer Sutherland (drool) and Oliver Platt, but the Mickey/Donald/Goofy one. It was hilarious, lots of silly fun made extraordinary by their lampooning Gilbert & Sullivan and several very well known classical pieces. (My personal favorite was Pete's villain's song to the tune of "In the Hall of the Mountain King" - what a hoot.) The story was original, not the Dumas story, so I was spared Mickey as D'Artagnan, even if it was still very much parallel. The most fun part, though? Besides the music, anyway (and the love scene between Clarabelle and Goofy, which is not to be missed). It was that this movie was apparently the one from which the world of King Mickey, palace and all, were taken for Kingdom Hearts 2. I was, like, "I know that palace! I know that hallway! So that's how Mickey became King Mickey!" OK, I know, I'm a child.


My Mum bought me a DVD copy of Disney's The Three Musketeers for Christmas. I shoved it into a cupboard, thinking that it wouldn't be worth watching. After reading your review, I think I'll fish it out and give it a try!
I totally love that movie!!

Donald: ...die?

Donald: ...DIE???


And yes, the Clarabelle/Goofy scene is hysterical! And the "You must be this high to enter this dungeon", and all the other gags. It was a fun movie to watch. ^_^;
Yes! I have to collect quotes from it. But it was like a joke a minute, yet never got overwhelming. hee!!