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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

This work week has been the Week From Hell. Just in case anyone's wondering why I haven't done/said something, or why I've been cranky, that's why. I am totally stressed out. We're short-handed (one of our secretaries just became a grandmother, and has spent two days with her daughter and the new baby), and I've had 16 hours of work to do in each 8-hour day. My meals have been disrupted (never good for me), and all in all, it's been a high stress week.

And yes, I'd like some cheese with that whine.

On a good note, one of my bus buddies just got turned on to Angel by her grandkids, and I loaned her my S1 DVDs, much to her excited pleasure. She plans to watch Angel all weekend long. *g*

I haven't heard back from my professional critiquer. Not that I'd expected to, so soon. But hey, who's checking her mailbox every day, anyway? Not me. Not more than 4 or 5 times a day.

I did get a good review on fanfiction.net from someone who just discovered Prelude. Although that, of course, reminds me that among the many things I haven't gotten to this week is to tell TN which chapters are good to go. ARGH.


*huggles you* I thought you'd been rather quiet this week. Sorry you're having such a stressful time.

And yes, I'd like some cheese with that whine.

I use that expression all the time since you taught it to me! *giggles*

I was going to send you an email asking about your critique, but I figured you'd tell us when you got it.

Yay for good reviews!

Hope you have a peaceful weekend, at least, and that things get better next week.