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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

One of the less-than-good things about summer is sandals. If you ride public transportation, you see far too many women who shouldn't be showing their toes at all, never mind showing them off. OK, for comfort, I don't object. Wear your sandals. But if you paint your nails a bright color, you should have toes that justify the attention you're drawing to them.


I have always had funny-looking toes with itty bitty little nails. They're even weirder looking now because I have hammer toes with my arthritis. I do wear sandals, but I don't think I've ever painted my toenails for just that reason.

*squinches up funny-looking toes so that dragonfare won't have to look at them* At least they're clean. *snicker*
*cracks up* As I said, I'm fine with them if you don't draw attention to them by painting them some lurid color. I think it's not so much a disgust of toes as of false vanity. Like, "NO, lady, you do not have pretty feet!"
I've never had nice feet due to exema, and I'm still a sandal-whore. Generally speaking though, my feet look nicest in the summer time. Not right now, though, I've got a giant blister from last week's kendo practice.
See my response to glr1114's post, and wear your sandals! Just don't paint your toenails. :)
i can relate. *giggles* how funny the way you say it.
Hey Kathy! I wanted to let you know that I got a brand spanking new computer. DELL is the brand and it's a E1505 Inspiron notebook. HOpe your day is going well!

Very fine!!! I have the Inspiron 600M. I hope you love yours as much as I love mine!
I guess the years of being in the AF sufficiently brainwashed me ... went to get a pedi with a friend and her comment on my nail color choice was "How ... (uncomfortable silence while she searched for a word) neutral."

ROFL!!! Now, that is tact.

Personally, I've never found painted toenails to make any foot more attractive. I mean, let's face it. If you use your feet for anything but lying in a silken concubine bed, they're going to get beat up. That's what they're FOR. I don't have particularly ugly feet, but they're not beautiful, either. But painting the toenails? Yeesh. Whenever I see painted toenails on *anyone* it just reminds me of a freshly groomed poodle.

I mean...really. Painted *toenails*?! Why call attention to your feet at all? They're just...FEET. They WALK. I never understood why they were ever considered an item of beauty!

But at least we don't have cloven hooves. (Man, you'd need two bottles of polish every time you had a pedicure.)