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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

"You write to discover what you want to say. You rewrite to discover what you have said and then rewrite to make it clear to other people." ~ Donald Murray

What he doesn't mention is the intense pleasure you get when you discover that you actually said something. But this really expresses what I'm going through now, with the multiple rewrites for those few measly chapters. It's a bit like sculpture now - I've got the raw material in the general shape, and now I'm applying a chisel here, a fingernail there, chipping away and reshaping until it conveys the images and thoughts in the most clear, direct way. It's hard work, but oh, it is so. much. fun.

I need to find the random quotes generator that Steph gave me and put these quotes on my website.

Apologies to everyone for my current obsession on my writing. I know it must be boring to listen to this babble. I thought about putting it into my Nano journal, but... well, it's the most exciting and important thing in my life right now. I would feel odd not sharing it with my friends.


My friends are amazingly talented, and their artistic endeavors are a pleasure to me. Not quite as good as chocolate or sex, but above micro-brews and anime. *g*

As for being happy for me, that's more than just OK. That's being a good friend, and it's allowing me to share my joy in some small measure. So - thanks. (What an inadequate word for such a big emotion.)

You're making me snivelly.