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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

RIP Steve Irwin. You were loved by so many people.

I'm still in shock. He was an icon. Icons aren't supposed to die.

His death was so sudden, so weird. All the truly dangerous creatures that he worked with, and then something relatively safe - I mean, what were the odds? - takes him out.

I am so sorry for his family. He shared so much with all of us, yet even more with his family. How can they bear never to see him again?

Advocate for the unloved animals. Loving father and husband. The man whose enthusiasm infected the airwaves with glee and fun.

And only 44. This is just not right.

Well, Steve, I hope you're looking down and seeing how all the rest of us are reeling and, yes, even crying.

There has never been and never will be anyone else like you. You will be so missed.


I cried when I found out. One of my dreams was to visit Australia Zoo and meet him.
it is big news here in Aus. i heard the news last monday, when i was in the cashiers' office (of all places). i was quite shocked. and later in class, they were talking about it.

it is truly sad. and he was so young. :( truthfully, i have never really been following his career, all i knew was that he was the crocodile dundee guy who made it big worldwide. but it still came as a shock.
I think out of all the Livejournals that I've read with things about Steve, this is my favorite one. You put it beautifully, Kat.

He was on my list of 'Celebrities to Meet' too. :(
I really didn't want to meet him...my piano teacher got to meet him once and he said he was a real jackass to his co-workers...people like that usually aren't on my Top 10 people to meet.