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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Two odd things in two days.

Yesterday, my boss - not my b*tch supervisor, but my division chief, Mr. Moody Immaturity - came into the break room where I was eating lunch. I usually have my laptop, and he said, "Where's your computer?" I replied that I had it but was reading a book, and that sometimes I liked reading books instead. He said, "That's good," and left. What's so odd about this? In the 6+ years I've worked for him, that is the first time he's ever spoken to me on a personal basis. Yeah. The first time in 6 years.

Today, I got a flat tire. What's so odd? It's a bit of a long story. Two people in front of me pulled off the road just after my tire went flat. I assumed that the flat was caused by debris in the road, and that they had flats, too. But as it turned out, the lady had rear-ended the man, so they were an accident. She was already on the phone to the cops. So I assumed that I had hit some of their debris - except there was almost no damage to the vehicles. hmmm. As some of you know, my cell phone wasn't working because I couldn't pay the bill, so I couldn't have called anyone to help me. However, the cops that came called my wrecker company, then called again and canceled it and changed the tire for me instead. That wasn't the end of my luck, either. When I took the tire out of the trunk at my local garage, it was shredded. The flat wasn't caused by debris, but by a bald tire (I badly need a front end alignment and new tires, which, yes, I'm getting tomorrow). The point is, it was total coincidence that the accident happened in front of me at that moment, so that I had access not only to a phone, but to two nice policemen. That is, if you believe in coincidence. I don't - I say, "See? There IS a God." *g*


I stopped believing in coincidences years ago. Still, that was lucky with the car. Can't comment on your boss/supervisor, I find I either get along with a person or I don't, there seems to be little middle ground.