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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I think I used up about a year's worth of bad luck yesterday. *sigh*

First, as I mentioned, my car died. But, hey, good side to that, as I also mentioned.

Then, that night, I got sick. Food poisoning, I think. I'll spare you the details, but I was soooo sick. No good side to this, except that it ended by some time the next morning.

In the morning, I had to take my roomie to work, and then off to the doctor for my annual physical. All the females on my flist know how much fun that is. Good side? - because I'm so broke and my meds plan has a $50 deductible, the doctor nicely calls the pharmacy and verifies that what he's prescribing is not expensive.

I go to get my prescription filled. My old prescription card doesn't work, and they haven't sent me a new one. Good side - the prescription was less than $11, and now I know to use my regular insurance card.

While at Wal Mart, I got "The Little Mermaid" DVD. No down side to that.

On the way home, stopped at Home Depot to buy stuff to clear the drains. (Yeah. Drains in the house are plugged. All of them.) Home Depot declines my check, based on a report from a check verifying agency. After several phone calls made when I got home, I found out that some other girl had used my drivers' license number. Good side? It wasn't fraud, just an error, and I'm getting it cleared up. And I was able to use my debit card.

Car was ready at 3:00. But I had to walk over to get it. Not much more than a quarter mile or so, but in that heat, it was rough. Good side? It was only the battery.

Had to go get my roomie home from work, and with the hours she worked yesterday, that hour fell right in the middle of my chat time. No good side to that one.

On days like these, I just have to look around and count my blessings. All the animals are healthy. I can still write. I still have the bestest friends.


Yaah for doctors that give a that-thing-under-a-rat's-tail!

Yaay for it only being the battery!!
Boo for it even happening :(

Jealous over purchase of Little Mermaid ... but my paperback pre-order of Feast For Crows came in today, so I guess I'll just have to console myself with that :)
Sounds like you had a pretty shitty day. Hope it gets much better for you!

I am always amazed at your ability to see the good side of even the worst situations. Much love and hugs for you. :)
Food poisoning is evil. Pure evil. I'm glad that you're feeling better now.
I hope your good luck returns soon, chick. You deserve every bit of happiness.

"The Little Mermaid" DVD isn't released in England until the 6th of November. *sulks*