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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Someone sent me a private message from fanfiction.net, asking me why, if I'd gone so far into the story with Hiko and Hikaru, I hadn't done the fight with Fuji. *embarrassed* I have the scene in my head. Poor Hikaru, so many emotions - all scared because she's never actually seen Hiko fight, then all swoony because he's so awesome, then furious because he's letting some chippie flirt with him... he'll have to answer for that one. *grin*

Anyway, the fact that someone actually cared enough to contact me (!) makes me want to go back and wrap up Hikaru's stories. I have that one to do, and another with a young Kenshin. Maybe in February (after I've wrapped up some of my real-life stories - details in my LJ nanokat - I'll sit down with RK again, relive the story, and finish with Hikaru. (I can almost see her giving me a sweetly severe look, as if to tell me I've certainly dawdled long enough, but she forgives me - as Hiko would say, she can put more into the lift of an eyebrow than most people can put into 100 words.)


I got so tired of trying to wrap up mine (that, and it's impossible to write where my computer is situated *cough*) that I just uploaded what I had written, even if it wasn't finished, to Hikarikat. ^^;

But that was really sweet of them to email you and ask! =)
ooo! I love the Hikaru stories. I would be so happy to see more. Not that I don't have enough on my plate with the three chapters of Prelude to edit. *guilt* *guilt* *guilt* eeeeee!