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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

A bit of nostalgia...

I was reading in Anime Insider about a Japanese gambling craze making its way over here, called pachinko. It's like a vertical pinball machine using ball bearings.

We used to have one.

It was a toy one, not one of the big fancy ones of today, of course. I have no idea where we got it. We had it in Massachusetts, when I was in 3rd or 4th grade, but it's possible Dad first picked it up a few years earlier, when we lived in Japan. Or maybe he got it in Vietnam? Anyway, I remember spending hours down in the basement, shooting the little round grey balls up and watching them tumble down again.

Funny thing? To catch them when they emerged out the back, Dad had set a peanut butter jar. (Dad used peanut butter jars for a lot of things. One of his most brilliant uses of them was to secure the lids to a board, high up, and fill the jars with different sized nails. Then, if he wanted a particular nail, just reach up, under the board, and unscrew the jar.) The thing is, glass wasn't the best thing to be dropping ball bearings into. When the jar was full, after I don't know how many weeks of playing, I picked it up to refill the bin. The bottom fell neatly away, and ball bearings went bounding and rolling all over our basement.

I never played after that. I swear someone living in that house now could probably find one of those things.


Pachinko's coming to America? Ohjeebus. I will be so tempted to play. XD It's like slot machines on crack.
You used to live in Japan? Cool! I had no idea! :)