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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

With my brain tuned out due to stress in the workplace lately, I haven't been trying to catch up with my watching, or with anything that involves thinking. Nothing new. With one exception, which I'll detail in a bit.

But this morning, staggering about, I popped in an old favorite. Star Trek. The first, original, classic Trek. And, as always, I am reminded why I love the show. Seriously, despite the 60s style hammy acting and cheesy sfx, this show is amazing. The writers are always excellent (and have often included some of the greatest sci-fi writers). I think part of the reason I love it so much, in fact, is that I got introduced to it through James Blish's excellent novelization of the first few episodes. (I was in Germany when the show was on - no TV.) I watched two episodes today. One had the theme - which, as usual, was uttered fervently by William Shatner - "Above all, a god needs compassion." The other was a character study which was great fun, especially seeing George Takei running around being D'Artagnan. I love this show so much that I literally cannot comprehend why anyone else wouldn't love it. I mean, I know and accept that not everyone is a fan. I just don't understand why. (And don't try to explain it to me, anyone. I'll just think you're missing something in your brain.)

Moving on to the exception in my "something new" is my latest audiobook, The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith. This is labeled a mystery, but it definitely stretches the genre. It's a slice-of-life book in a culture that, to me at least, is totally different and completely intriguing. Smith not only writes well, but with a deep understanding of the human condition - and before you groan, "Oh, God, dry philosophy", let me assure you that it's far from dry. Rather, it's entertainingly, delightfully, intimately human. Like reading about your friends. Only friends in Botswana. I recommend this highly, and I can't wait to grab up more books by this author. (And thanks, zora113, for yet another sterling recommendation!)