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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Wow, did it rain last night. When we went to the barn, it had barely sprinkled, and that had stopped. Fifteen minutes later, there was so much water on the ground that I splashed through ankle-deep running water everywhere I went. We had heavy thunder and lightning, too, which made the dogs frantic (and kept me awake for awhile), but none that struck near the house, thank God.

The Redskins WON!!! WooHOOOOOOO!!!

I spent two hours on the phone with my dad, and I now have a very slim grasp of my investments. The scary thing is, now it's starting to seem like fun. I have to remind myself that this is not play money, but my future!

I picked up a special edition of Collateral on Friday. I realize that I am probably considered a bit odd, being a Tom Cruise fan. He's had some public weirdnesses, but I'm not down on him about any of it except for the Scientology stuff. All that aside, however, the man is a terrific actor. He's been doing his own stunts, and the stunt men praise him, which is rare. He's professional - he shows up early or on time, does what he's supposed to do, and doesn't do a prima donna routine. Even setting aside what's behind the screen, however, this movie is an excellent showcase for him. Vincent, his character, is an emotionally shut-down killing machine, but during the film, he "cracks". He recovers, but then you can see him crack again and again, and recover again and again. Subtle stuff, which Tom does with just his eyes. Freaking great. Other than Tom, the movie is not anything exceptional, unless you happen to like Michael Mann, in which case it's terrific. The special features alone were worth the pittance I paid for it.


I'm very glad that you have some investments. :) And you said you can't manage money.

I'm not happy with Tom Cruise's behavior in general lately, but I am a fan of his acting abilities, as you know. I remember when you weren't and didn't like him at all! I don't know that I've seen Collateral, so I'll have to rent it.
Wow, you remember back then? I didn't realize I'd known you that long. *blink* That's cool.

Collateral is a pretty decent action film, done in the very stylistic manner of Mann, but raised nearly to art by Cruise. In my opinion.

LOL! I can't manage money! My dad's doing it all for me! But eventually I will be doing it. He's showing me how, and as long as I keep telling myself that the "Cash Available" is for investing and not spending (!) until I actually retire, I'll be OK. *g*