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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

It's my birthday! I'm 54 today. Not bad for someone who was rather morbidly certain, at 17, that there was no life after 40. It's really kind of funny, but my life now is more full, more fun, more enriched by good friends, and more satisfying in almost every way than it was when I was 17. (The only exception is the arthritis - without that, I could remove the "almost" from that statement!)

Superstition says that what you do on your birthday reflects how you will spend the rest of the year. I plan to spend the day writing, eating chocolate, and taking occasional breaks to watch sexy men on TV. What could be better than that?

I wish that, Hobbit-fashion, I could give birthday presents to all my friends, but instead, I'll just wish all of you a great day.


Happy Birthday, Kat!
Have a wonderful birthday, sweetheart! ♥
Happy birthday, m'lady :D
Happy birthday! :D *throws confetti* Hope you're having/had a great day. :)
Happy Birthday, you DOB! *huggles you*

We were the same age for ten whole days. Hope you are having a great day. Sounds like you know how to celebrate. :)
Happy Birthday, Kat!! *HUGSHUGS*

Keep an eye on the mail. :-D
Happy Birthday Kat, hope you don't overload on chocolate and sexy boyz.

"The older the violin the sweeter the music."


Cute Sayclub Animation From dressupmyspace.com

Hope you had a great day!
Happy birthday!
Hope you had a wonderful birthday!
Whee! Happy Birthday!! I hope it was fantastic, you deserve it! :D
Happy birthday, kat!

It's funny because when i was a teenager, i thought that i would be cool and mature in my 20s, but that i would become a living mummy when i was in my 30s. but it seems that nowadays, even people in their 30s are still single, hyper, and... well, like people in their 20s. interesting, isnt it? i remember some people saying that "30 is the new 20." it's a cheesy way of phrasing it, but it's true.


the greeting thing is separated from the rest of the post because i used some effect code thingy for some cool effect on the words. but i guess it doesnt show. sorry about that.
Happy Birthday! *dances*
Wow your just as bad as I am :P Hope you have a happy birthday~!