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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I'm going to put this under a cut to spare my friends' flists from "the boring factor" ~

Parents teach their kids so many things without realizing it, by example mostly. I was pondering that yesterday, and for some reason it made me think of a rather funny family Christmas incident.

My dad normally bought our Christmas trees. (We always had real trees, back then.) He got gorgeous ones. But this year, for some reason, he couldn't, so he sent my mom to do it. She came back with the scrawniest, ugliest tree I'd ever seen. Her reason? "It was sitting there all alone! No one would buy it! I felt sorry for it."

Believe it or not, even now, I get kinda teary-eyed thinking about that. Yeah, it's absurd. But at the same time, it was touching. My mom, always with compassion for the underdog, the neglected, the rejected and lonely. Even if it was a tree. That was my mom's lesson to me.

My dad was obviously disgusted with the thing. But he didn't bitch, after the initial "What the HECK?". He just buckled down, got to work, and did his best to make the thing into a decent Christmas tree. It took some doing! He ended up having to saw off the bottom third and then put it on a desk to give it enough height. He also had to place it against a wall to hide one huge gap in the branches.

Dad's lesson to me? Don't gripe, just do the very best you can with what you have.

I still cherish that memory, for the lessons, the insights into my parents, and because, well, it was hilarious.

This whole thing was triggered, weirdly enough, by hearing about the 4-year-old kid who hugged his teachers aide and got slapped with an accusation of sexual harassment. What I want to know is, what the heck are those people thinking of, letting that woman work with kids?


*sniff* That is a great story. I'm going to remember that one. I like the little Charlie Brown Christmas trees, too. Though we've never had a real one... Little trees need love too!! **points to icon** hehe. :)

So... a 4 year old hugged his teacher... and she slapped the 4 year old with a sexual harrassment charge?!? I must be reading that wrong... o_O
That's a cute story. I bet you the pictures speak a thousand words. We haven't had a real tree in years, if only because we eventually figured the whole, 'grow a tree for twenty years for a month's decoration...' bit.

I've had my butt slapped by a four year old while baby-sitting, but my reaction was telling him why it wasn't the best thing to do. (really it was his parent's fault and he was just emulating his father-figure) the last man who did that I grabbed his arm and he learned as well, but in a completely different way. A four year old can't be convicted of much of anything, even if it was (I sort of doubt there was anything sexually motivated in a hug) but all the same, kindergarden's goal is to teach children proper behavior. That ain't it.
Um, please don't laugh at me, but I have also bought a crappy Christmas tree due to sharing the same reasoning as your mother! It was a skinny, bashed, wonky mess of a pine tree, but I just couldn't help feeling sorry for it. I knew that, if I didn't buy it, nobody else would. It seemed a shame that it'd never get decorated and would probably be thrown away eventually. I know that may sound ridiculous but... what can I say? Your mum and I are obviously over sentimental people!

My mum is a teaching assistant. I told her to read this entry and, once she had finished, she turned to me and said "well, Laura, I must get sexually harassed on a daily basis!"
Why would I laugh? I think that's a wonderful way to think. It's a manifestation of a deep kindness and compassion, one that runs so wide that it overflows onto objects that normally wouldn't be considered as needing it. You're a lovely person, I always knew that, and this just confirms it yet again.

OK, it is a little funny. But I'm laughing at the result, not the thought behind it.

Besides, I happen to believe that trees do have sentience. It could be that my mom and you are more sensitive, and actually felt something coming from those trees. In which case, you guys made two trees very happy.
What a lovely Christmas story. I see you get your compassion and understanding from your mother and your positive attitude from your father. :)

This somehow reminds me of how, when elaby was small, we would always have to buy the funny-looking, misshapen green peppers at the supermarket because she felt sorry for them and was sure that no one else would buy them.

This is a crazy world when a 4-year-old gets accused of sexual harrassment for any reason, let alone for hugging his teacher. What is wrong with people?