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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Just a little babbling, which I'll put under cuts to avoid accidental boredom to passersby.

I dream a lot, but don't often talk about them. However, this one had two interesting things in it. I was sleeping restlessly, drifting in and out of sleep, and essentially I was having a series of dreams that all strung together into one. I was dating a police officer whose wife had disappeared and was believed to have been murdered, and he was taking care of their baby. I was visiting him with a friend of mine, and we were in his family room when the man we thought had killed the wife broke in. He was threatening and scaring us (well, we two women - the cop was just waiting for a chance to make his move), playing with us, really. Then he saw my parrot. (Don't ask me how Pete got there. It was a dream, OK?) He tried to grab Pete, but Pete flew to my shoulder. My fear evaporated into a protective fury. "Don't touch my bird!" I yelled. He grinned evilly. I said, "If you touch my bird, I'll kill you." I looked right at his neck and said, "I'll tear your throat out with my teeth." This set him back a second, but then the baby upstairs woke up and started to wail. He looked up at the ceiling, then at the bird, as if inviting me to choose one or the other for his victim. I didn't even hesitate, I just shouted, "It's not MY baby!"

As if that wasn't weird enough... This killer kept pursuing me through the whole series of dreams. Now, this is a recurring theme for me. Since my pre-teen years, I've had many, many dreams - some just bad, some downright nightmares - that I was being pursued by someone or something that wanted to kill me. But always before, no one in the dream would help me. Mostly they ignored me, or assumed I was crazy or making things up. (On occasion, they paid for that by getting themselves killed.) In this dream, for the first time in about 40 years of having these dreams, I had help. People listened to me and believed me. I was afraid, but I felt empowered because I had help. (Just incidentally, although the killer was definitely a murderer and was after me, it was the cop who'd killed his wife, and I helped prove it.)

Anyway, at age 54, I'm threatening killers to protect my pet (at least in my subconscious), and altering a dream pattern that I've had almost all my life. Interesting. At least it is to me!


When you're poor and don't have a handyman around the house, you have to get a little creative.

We hung a tarp inside Kee's stall to break the east wind. But no matter what I did, I couldn't anchor the bottom. A strong wind would come along and just push the bottom out from under whatever I piled on it. I thought I could wire the grommets to the chain link, but there were only grommets on one side. So I got a little creative. I took binder clips - the common, black spring clips you use to hold a stack of papers together - and used those to attach the tarp to the chain link. We'll have to see how it works, but it seems pretty secure.

Office supplies are not just for offices!


Merry Christmas, my dear friend. Have a good one!