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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Daniel Radcliffe has posed for some lovely racy pictures to promote the play he's currently starring in. Parents are outraged, as Harry Potter is a role model for their young kids. One of them, who is probably basking in her moment of fame right now, has been quoted as saying she and her family wouldn't go to any more of Dan's movies.

To this I say, grow up.

Dan is an actor. He's doing his job and having a life. He is not Harry Potter. Harry Potter is a character in fiction. Why don't you parents get your heads out of the entertainment industry (and the sports industry, too) and teach your kids to admire real life heroes? For the most part, people who go into acting and professional sports are either flawed to begin with, or become corrupted. That's the nature of fame. Teach your kids to admire a good teacher, the local guy who freely helps his neighbors, a soldier, a firefighter, an astronaut, or someone along those lines. People don't become heroes or saints simply because they become famous. Usually it's the opposite. So stop perpetrating the crime of disillusionment and unrealistic expectations, and help your kids be real. Sheesh. They're smart enough to know fantasy from reality. It's you who are messed up.

And to Dan, I say, Right on! And thanks for the sexy pretty photos.


Teehee, why cross out words like lovely and sexy? You can just accompany me to the special hell. *g*

On the more serious side of the issue, you know I agree with you. Dan is an adult actor making an adult choice to take on very different, difficult subject matter. And judging by those, ahem, artistic pictures, he's doing so with aplomb. Parents need to get a grip and realize that it's absolutely none of their business.

But, we already knew parents were complete idiots these days. I am glad you enjoyed the pictures. *g*
A-men. o_O

Here's hoping this show'll be the start of the long and varied career for ol' Dan. People are bound to get over it eventually ;)
Here, here! I couldn't have worded it better myself, chick. I completely agree with you.

Is it really wrong that I felt a little hot under the collar after seeing those pictures of Dan, though?
A lady friend of mine is flying all the way from California to London, just to see him naked on stage.

I give her shit for it ;)
I remember reading about that play he did. And of course I definitely agree with you; he isn't Harry Potter, he's an actor, and he's also an adult if I'm correct - so he should be able to make his own decisions about what he wants to act in. And usually actors enjoy crossing boundries and acting in unusual things to push their own limits of ability and mental capacity.

And the photos are awesome. *cough* Definitely racy. XD


kids and parents

You are sooo right Kat. Growing up I never thought of stars (in any genre) as my heroes. I love the email that goes around asking you to name stars or sports heroes then the teacher or your high school best friend. We need to remember those who make an impact on our lives and change them for the better. I think kids would, if adults did not act so stupidly!
I think your entry above should be required reading for every parent in the U.S. And maybe farther out. Though most other nations are not as immature as we are. Sheesh.

And yes, those photos of Daniel are um...decidedly not Potteresque. *sweatdrop*