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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Football babble to follow. All my non-football-fan friends can skip this entry.

With one exception, the Super Bowl was complete satisfaction. A tough game between two tough teams, with a close score, played outdoors despite the bad weather... yeah, that's good football. Even better, no John Madden as the announcer. (Phil Simms is stupider, but much less obnoxious.)

Peyton Manning and the Colts won, much to my joy, but the upstart Bears put up a great fight. What more could I ask? Yay!

The exception that I mentioned is Rex Grossman crumbling under the pressure. I feel sorry for him. An NFL QB has to be able to handle pressure, but a young QB in his first Super Bowl can be excused some mistakes. Nor was he the only problem in the Bears offense, since even the running game was a bust. Grossman looked like he was carrying the blame on his own shoulders, and I bet the media will crucify him, but that's unfair.

The heroes of the game, in my opinion, were the Bears defensive players. Wow. They were on the field an incredibly long time against a relentless Colts offense, and they didn't crumble until almost the end. Given the relative time of possession, to have only a one-score difference so deep into the game was amazing.

However, the Colts gave a textbook example of cool, experienced play. Every time they made a mistake, they just got up again and went right back to their game plan. They were a pleasure to watch.

Shocks: two sets of back-to-back fumbles (I wonder how often that happens?), and Vinatieri missing a point-after kick (*jaw drop*).

I really got tired of the whole black African American thing these past two weeks. We should be past that, as a culture, by now. I don't care what his race/color/whatever is, Tony Dungy deserved this win. It's a vindication, proof that he is a better coach than his tenure at the Buccaneers indicated (and since the Bucs can't win with John Gruden either, there's obviously something rotten in the state of Tampa Bay). I respect Tony Dungy, and I like him, from what I've seen of him, and I'm thrilled that he won.