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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I had a small verbal confrontation with a redneck jerk today. And I'm proud of myself for keeping my temper. He'd parked his pick-up truck sideways at the post office, across four parking spaces, including all three that are nearest the door. Since I have trouble walking, I would have liked one of those spaces. And it pissed me off, so I decided to say something about it, since he was the only other person in the post office. It went like this:

Kat: Excuse me, is that your truck?
Guy: *sorting his mail at the little counter* Yes.
Kat: Would you mind, next time, not parking across all the spaces closest to the door? I have trouble walking, so I like to park as close as I can.
Guy: Ma'am, I'll park wherever I want.
Kat: *with a bit of sadness, while fetching her mail* Yes, I thought you'd say that. Guys like you always do.
Guy: That's life.
Kat: *sweetly, walking right up to sort her mail on the counter right next to him* Yes, it is. But when you have bad arthritis, you hope that people will be a little more considerate.

He had nothing more to say. Jerk. But I thought I did pretty well, considering what I really wanted to do was smash his face.


Maybe I should have asked him if he'd shared a Snickers bar with anyone lately. (Super Bowl joke.)


Oh my God. GOOD for you!!! I would NEVER be able to keep my cool with someone being THAT much of a jerk... "Thats life"?? OMGWTF??! No, actually life is people with physical limitations who just need a little help, consideration, and human decency!! YOU sir, on the other hand, are something LESS than LIFE, that doesn't even deserve the label of "HUMAN" BEING!!!

... **pantpant**

So yes, Kat, good for you keeping your cool. Obviously we can tell that I'd have failed miserably... XD



Congrats on keeping your cool---loved the Snickers reference!--Rose
I'm proud of you for keeping your cool and handling the situation in a dignified manner, Kat. I would have been very tempted to smack that man! He was so damn ignorant!
Wow, I have to learn to handle situations where I want to smash someone's face like you handled this one. Well done.

However, I was informed that the Snickers thing? Is not funny. -_-; Still, with apologies to certain people, it would have been an awesome thing to say to that guy. *g*
Just for the record, the Snickers ad offended me on several levels. It denigrated men in general as well as gays, and was as stupid as a light beer commercial.

However, I'll make jokes about anything.
Don't worry about guys like that in the long run. Eventually, someone will park their boot up his ass, and he'll learn common decency. In the meantime, congrats for keeping your cool. I probably would have been sarcastic.
Hey Kathy!

I wish I had your anger. I am such a passive person. Unless I am really hurt. Good job for sticking up for yourself!