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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

So, my supervisor has decided, again, to meet with us one on one, on a regular basis. Ostensibly this is to help us, but she inadvertently revealed the real reason to me when she said to me that she didn't know exactly what we did. Yup, definite control freak. Usually these go pretty well for me (not perfectly, since if she can't criticize, she doesn't feel complete), but not this time. She jumped on me with both feet. I'll spare you the details, but she brought up five things (she said there were six, but she only listed five). Of them:
1) I didn't jump right on a task I was given, immediately, drop everything. Reason? I wasn't told I should do so, so I put the task in the appropriate area of my priorities.
2) I didn't make a dinner reservation. (This was the only thing that freaked me, since it came out of the blue - the doctor that bitched about it never mentioned it to me, but refuses to allow me to make the reservations any more, since I'm incompetent.) Reason? I did make it. It was changed, and I made the change as well. I have no idea why the restaurant dropped the ball, but no one believes me. Naturally.
3) I didn't set up a Mac for Internet use. No reason here. That was me. I screwed up on that one.
4) While I was out with the pulled muscle, I didn't inform her that we had a visitor coming in on Thursday. Yeah, I forgot - although, to her, being in constant agony is no excuse. (I normally depend on my calendar to remind me, since I am almost never out of the office for more than one day at a time.) Reason? Extreme pain, as I said. But I put out a schedule every week, which she gets, and he was prominently highlighted on it, plus a flyer about it was posted outside the office. Plus the other secretaries were aware of it. But I was expected to tell her anyway. Feh.
5) I didn't complete a task she gave me two weeks before. Reason? When she gave it to me, it was during a week in which I was working on two grants with immediate deadlines. (Her: "You can't work on grants 8 hours a day." Actually, bitch, you can. And having them doesn't excuse me from the dozen or so other regular tasks I have in a week.) Week two, I was home with the pulled muscle. She removed the binder from my desk, and the first day I got back, I asked her about it, and just got a derisive look. But during this meeting, suddenly it's something I shirked.

She's such a "Do as I say, not as I do" person, it actually gets to be weird. Like, she bitched because I take 30 minutes to make coffee. She thought I could follow her example (like, the last time she made coffee was about 2 years ago) and do it in 20. I did it her way and did it in 25. The thing is, while I'm waiting for the coffee to drip through, I read a book, and she can't stand to know that I'm doing anything except working. She also bitched me out for taking long bathroom breaks. WTF? But she'll take her wallet and leave the office and be gone for 40 minutes at a time, doing who knows what. I know I've never stayed in the bathroom for 40 minutes. And yeah, she's that petty. Normal office conversations have become "chit chatting" which tells her that some of us don't have enough to do. Never mind that I have a long history of being useful, helpful, reliable, and productive.

My reaction to all this was: (a) I said at two points that there was no sense in my trying to say anything, since she wouldn't listen to or believe me anyway, (b) I ranted to my co-workers, who all have similar stories, and (c) I registered immediately with the state of Texas' online job finder. (If I stay with the state, I keep my retirement.)

OK, done. Thanks for listening!


The woman is clearly a psycho-bitch, besides being a control freak and a totally unfit supervisor and... and ... (insert your own uncomplimentary assessement of her character here). She seems to delight in finding fault with the most petty and insignificant things and blowing them all out of proportion. You take TOO LONG to make coffee? Please. You take too long in the BATHROOM? (insert unprintable expletive here). Something tells me that you will never be able to win with this woman, and the sooner you can get out of there, the better. Gods, this makes me angry. *snarlgrowl*
Good for you for standing your ground and rather taking steps to find another employer than just swallowing all of her crap. I wouldn't be brave enough for that. Good luck with finding something else and coping with your supervisor.