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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Very bad night, and it may get worse.

Some Shetland ponies got loose and were wandering the neighborhood, and for some reason our horses thought they were, as Randi put it, aliens from another universe. Our three Thoroughbreds in the front field were seriously frightened, working themselves into a lather and flinging themselves on the fence - flattening some of the metal posts that we have hot wire connected to - until Randi let them through into the ring to run.

That was bad enough, since it could have caused colic. (But didn't.) However, what we didn't know until we went out to feed was that the three in the back field also spooked. They crashed through the fence into the neighbor's property. Kee was up front with Betty's horses, OK, although showing signs of having run hard.

However, we haven't been able to find the other two, Magic and Peanut. I went as far as I could in the dark, but I couldn't go all the way around the pond on Betty's property. I'm hoping the two of them are back there, but I'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out. Neither Randi nor I can take a day off work, so we're going to have to hope Betty spots them for us.

If they aren't on Betty's land, we may never see them again. So I hope they're there.


Oh, no, Kat! I will be sending good thoughts and prayers your way, hoping that Magic and Peanut are found safely and that the others recover from this experience with no more damage than you think has already been done. How very frightening. *hugs you*
Oh no...

Aw, Kat, I do hope that you find Magic and Peanut. This must be terribly upsetting and worrying for you! I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best, my friend.
Damn, I really hope you'll find them. Are there any authorities you could alert to stay on the lookout for two runaway horses?
Oh no! I had no idea that something that simple could freak adjusted horses out that much! I can't even imagine how worried you must be about Magic and Peanut. I'll be sending good vibes in their and your direction today. I'm sure they will turn up. And I'm very glad that the rest of the horses weren't seriously hurt. How upsetting. :-(