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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Magic and Peanut are back home. And despite some (minor) injuries, mostly cuts and scrapes, and the terrible scare, this whole thing has turned out good.

The police chief spotted the two, and the feed store lady convinced the woman whose property they were on not to call the Humane Society. She also arranged for a nice young couple, Gary and Kelly, to bring a trailer, which was good, because the horses were about 2 miles away, and that would have been a grim walk for me, twice. I'm not sure I'd have made it. The pair are good with horses and did all the work for me. Even better, they need a round bale and we have some, so it was a great trade.

Another good thing is that Gary and Kelly, when I said I had to walk Betty's fence to see where they got through, just took off and walked it for me! They found the gap, which had actually been caused by someone (most likely the local water company) having driven a tractor through the fence and then just left it down. So the Magic/Peanut escape actually turned out to be beneficial.

Also, Odie and Lorna, who have their horses on Betty's property, fixed the spot where our idiots broke through. Another benefit.

And one more good thing. This is still tentative, but Gary and Kelly are interested in leasing Tango as a brood mare, and they'll take Peanut as payment for breaking Magic to saddle. Gary likes Peanut a lot, so she'll have a good home, Magic will be rideable, and we'll have two fewer horses on the property. But we'll see if it all works out.

Anyway, I spent the last three hours on this. I've walked more in the past two days than I usually walk in a month. I'm exhausted. But at least our babies are OK.

Thanks to y'all for your good vibes!


I'm so glad things turned out okay. I hope Magic and Peanut aren't terribly upset by their little adventure. Good luck with the other plans for the horses.
*Phew* I'm glad that turned out okay, for sure!! Here's hoping they won't scare you like that again. So, you're finding new homes for them?
Only for Peanut, who is and always has been a problem child. She needs a lot more work and attention than I can give her. Tango sorta gets a new home, but we're only leasing her. We'll still own her, but yeah, she'll be on someone else's property. If it all works out, that is.
I'm so pleased that everything turned out for the best. Phew!
Double whew! :)
Sounds like it all turned out better than all right! And you made some new friends in the bargain. :) I'm very glad your horses are okay and that you are, too.