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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I recently read - to my total surprise - that Helen Mirren had been cast in Inkheart. I'd never even heard it was being filmed! I figured I'd look it up today and see who else was cast, but I was reluctant. You see, I've read Funke's books as audiobooks, and Brendan Fraser has read her stories and done an excellent job. She even credits him as an inspiration for Silvertongue. So I was thinking that casting anyone else in the role would be a shame. But I never dreamed that anyone in Hollyweird would actually be smart enough to cast him.

But they did! THEY DID!!!

And it gets better. How about Andy Serkis as Capricorn? Paul Bettany as Dustfinger? Could it be better?? eeeeeeeee!!!!!

Helen Mirren is Elinor, naturally. And Jim Broadbent is Fenoglio. I don't know the actors playing the two kids, but the girl playing Meggie has the delightful name of Eliza Bennett. I don't know the guy playing Basta, either, but he looks good, and he's got one heck of a filmography.

But Brendan Fraser as Silvertongue. I have freakin' died and gone to heaven.


Never read the books, but how's the rest of the development of the book-to-film looking? I mean, I'll probably end up seeing it for Brendan Fraser...
I love Funke's books. Inkheart isn't my favorite - I prefer Dragon Rider and The Thief Lord (and you should hear Brendan reading Dragon Rider!) But Inkheart is a good book with good, interesting characters.

As far as how the book-to-film is going, I can't find out. Filming started in November, so I'm sure it's wrapped by now. I'm about to post an entry with a couple of links, if you're interested. :)
You know that the book just wasn't a favorite of mine, but with that kind of an incredible cast, I now can't wait to see the movie! Any news on the release date?
Not yet, not that I can find. But filming didn't start until November, so it'll be a while. I'm about to post an entry with a couple of links, if you want to read them. :)
Paul Bettany....EEEEEEEEE!!!!!! SwOooooOooooOOOOooon....

I was thinking that Rhys Ifans would be the perfect Dustfinger. But Paul Bettany is just as good. I LOVED him as the doctor in Master and Commander. He is MAJORLY in my harem. OOooooooo. He is PERFECT for the role.

I can't wait to see this. The Inkheart/Inkspell (and soon InkDeath) books are my favorite Cornelia Funke books. Now I'm all excited. Jump jump jump.

This almost wipes away the travesty of casting Gary Oldman as Sirius Black (for which I blame all of Hollywood. So there.)