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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

*sigh* Anything that seems too good to be true, usually is.

We discovered (from a reliable source) that Gary and Kelly are dopers. Gary just recently got out of jail for drug possession and apparently specializes in "meth" (but what exactly that means, I don't know enough dope lingo to tell). Kelly was on the wrong end of a violent incident involving a shooting, a few months back.

Learning this doesn't diminish my respect for Gary's horse handling skills, nor my gratitude to them for all they did for us. However, they can't have our horses. Whatever their best intentions might be, I can easily see any or all of the three horses "disappearing" when they need cash for dope. And we don't want them working on the property, given all the expensive electronics we have.

Ah well. I'm glad I was cautious enough not to get my hopes up.


Crystal meth. It's become popular because it's made out of relatively cheap materials (I'm not an expert, but it's in the same skill level as house-hold bomb making).
That completely sucks. It is a good thing you didn't already get involved with them, though. The guy who lived in our new house here, before us, told us when we moved in that the people next door were mixed up in drugs/selling/etc. while he'd lived here - and I won't even give those neighbors the time of day, now. Drugs = no trust, 'cept in rare occasions. I hope no trouble comes from that lot, for you.
O_O That's really unfortunate, but I'm glad you found out about it sooner rather than later. Mercury is in retrograde, so it's probably just as well that you didn't have to make any decisions entrusting your horses or your farm to anyone else anyway. If you believe in that sort of thing, which I'm not at all sure that I do, but a lot of not-quite-right things have been happening to everyone I know in the last week or so.
I didn't know that Mercury was retrograde, but yeah, when that's going on, it's not a good idea to try to make important decisions!
I wouldn't have known, either, but I got this most beautiful calendar for Christmas that has scenes from many temples and gardens in Kyoto (and how it makes me want to visit there!) and it has all sorts of interesting information, such as every holiday for every type of religion that one could think of, and astrological events such as this. So that's why I know that Mercury is in retrograde from Feb. 13-March 7. It was on my calendar!
That really is unfortunate (and slightly disturbing)...

I'm so glad that you found out the truth before you handed over the horses!

I hope they don't get upset when you tell them they won't be working for you or getting the horses. Good you found out early!