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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Babbling about a few things, nothing that's a big deal, but I do go on a bit, so I'm putting it under cuts.

On the horsey front, Magic is almost healed and Peanut is well on her way there. One of the interesting things about horses is that you can form a closer bond to them when treating them for injuries, even when they don't like the treatment. I don't know why that is. They may understand that you're trying to help them. They may appreciate the extra fussy attention. Or it may just be the treats. I think it's probably a combination of those. I won't say that Peanut and I are best buds, but she is more affectionate now. I haven't taken the time to pet her in a while, since I can't approach her in her stall - she's far too dangerous to get into a closed-in area with her - and I was surprised at how muscled she is. The horse is a rock. I told Randi that we're calling her Peanut now because she's chunky.

On the job front, something unbelievable. My bully of a boss (the department head, not my supervisor) actually apologized to me. He sent me a nasty email because I supposedly hadn't entered something (an interview with a visitor) on his calendar. (Note: (a) I don't do that, his administrator does, (b) he said he'd repeatedly told me to do it, when he's actually only mentioned it once, long ago, and (c) he said that was why I had proxy to his calendar, but I didn't even know I had that.) Now, I had actually stood there while his admin put it on the calendar. I emailed back, said I thought she'd done it but that I'd fix it at once. Then I checked, and lo, there it was. Plain as day. So I emailed him again and said it was there, and asked if there was more he wanted than just the interview put on his calendar. He actually emailed me back, said I was right and that he just hadn't seen it, and said, "I apologize for my cranky email."

Get out your skates, sinners. There'll be ice in Hell tonight!

Thanks to my pulled muscle and even more to zora113, I've been doing a lot of TV watching.

First, I did finish the Rurouni Kenshin series. I found many of my earlier attitudes changing. I wasn't quite so angry with Aoshi this time, nor so disgusted with Amakusa, and I actually liked Magudalia. Nor did I get irritated with the way Kaoru was handled. However, I had less patience this time with the filler episodes. I still found Sano more lovable than ever. The Black Knights episodes were still not all that great to me, and although I expected to like Misanagi more, I did not. On a silly note, in every scene with Hiko, I found myself talking to the screen in the character of Hikaru.

Dead Like Me and Ugly Betty ~ I'm not even going to begin with these, because if I do, I'll babble alllll day long. These are simply brilliant shows, and I'm enjoying them so much, you'd think they were chocolate truffles.

Doctor Who ~ I just started this, but the first episodes are so true to the original, I'm blown away. And gleefully delighted. And amazed.

The Prestige ~ This is going near the top of my Best Movies of All Time list. It's a beautifully crafted, ultimately horrific movie, with a deep moral underpinning (one of the reasons I love Amadeus so much). Having Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale in it didn't hurt, but... no. I won't say anything. No spoilers here. However, I warn anyone who wants to watch it - bring your brain. And prepare to be awed.

OK, shutting up now.


Whoa... you used the word "Boss" and "apologise" in one sentence! Shocking! ;)

I'm glad to hear that Magic and Peanut are making a full recovery.
Glad your horses are better.

Hell is indeed in danger of freezing over.

I'm SO glad you got to watch RK over.

On a silly note, in every scene with Hiko, I found myself talking to the screen in the character of Hikaru.

Will you marry me? *giggles*

We must talk about Ugly Betty. I love it.