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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

We have a new bird. I'm not sure that I mentioned we were going to get one after Vitae the cockatiel died, but we always intended to. My roomie needs her "bird buddy". However, I wanted us to get something sturdier/bigger than a cockatiel. We had planned to drive into Dallas to check out a place that had come highly recommended to us, even though we were worried about the cost of bird and cage. But, as always, God seems to have stepped in and given us a hand. One of Randi's co-workers has three parrots, and her African grey (they are notoriously possessive) loathes her young Eclectus parrot (I've never heard of that kind before, so I may be misspelling it.), and she was looking for a good home for him. Randi met the bird, liked him, and brought him home to see if he'd like it here. Bird and cage were free! And he seems perfectly happy here, and Randi and I both already love him. He's a pretty thing, bright Kelly green in color with a yellow bill and bright blue-purple wing feathers. He also seems friendly and, while not quite tame yet - he's still a baby, only 6 months old - he's calm about hands in his cage, etc. We haven't given him a name yet (we most likely will change his original name, Jade, which to me sounds female). He talks, too, nothing intelligible, but he does babble a little.


That's really funny, we used to have an African Grey that HATED our Eclectus. Our Eclectus, his name was Marek. He was probably one of my favorite birds that we've had, and I'm scared of birds. Have fun with him and give him a smooch for me!
Yay! I'm glad you gave the picked-on birdy a comfy new home! :D
Sorry to be so late responding, but glad you have a new family member. Do you have a name yet? I agree that Jade sounds a bit girlish, but I can imagine it being a boy's name, too.