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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Ouch. My primary domain, dragonfare.com, is temporarily gone because I screwed up somewhere, somehow. I was trying to fix it so that it didn't keep sporadically disappearing. Well, I sorta fixed that. The disappearance is no longer sporadic. I sure hope the thing gets fixed soon!


Not your fault, we're having a hard disk problem, and our backup server has mysteriously gone missing. #@$@#!@~!@

We're gonna get things fixed asap, then I'm going to find out where my backup is (which should have been, I dunno, backing things up) and then I'm going to string some people's entrails across the midwest.
OH! OK, I feel less stupid now.

Stringing entrails... messy. I like it.
Everything but email is working now. And email is kinda working, you can receive mail, but not send or check it. (don't ask)

I've gotten to the point where the caffiene is not keeping me awake anymore. I'll work on it again first thing in the AM.
Not a problem, Gyr. Jeez. Relax. Sleeeeep. I'll check it tomorrow.
Mmmm... entrails *drools*
GAH! *hyperventilates*
Too many flashbacks of the (Not-So) Great Crash...eep...
I hope things will get fixed soon, too. I already miss the forum. At least AL itself is still accessible under fantasykat.com or I might be having withdrawal symptoms.;)
Eep!! Sounds like things are already on their way to being fixed - Here's hoping!!
Ah that's whats happening. Hopefully all will be well soon!
And I just have to say, that dog avatar is sooo cute!
Bummer Kat. Well, hopefully the site will be back online soon. But wow, sounds like Gyr is overworking himself...hope he gets some sleep.