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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I get a refund!! Wheeeeee! *dances around the room*

Yes, I'm just now finishing my taxes.

This is the first refund I've gotten in years. I spent all this time sweating out how I was going to pay the taxes I usually owe, and now it turns out Uncle-Greedy-Sam owes me more than $400! I've already spent it - I plan to buy one thing for myself (probably a DVD), and put the rest into the credit cards.

*dances around the room again*


I'm happy for you. Really!

On the other hand, not only do we NOT get a refund, but we have to pay Uncle-Greedy-Sam $400. quarterly. Ugh. *is grumpy with taxes all over*
$400 *quarterly*??? Holy SHIT!

And to think, your hard-earned money is probably funding a useless bridge in Alaska. Is it any wonder people don't have faith in our government? I bet if they did a Harris poll on that right now, the rating would be in the negative.
Didn't mean to rain on your parade. Just about everyone I know is getting a refund, so I was feeling grumpy about it. Last year we had to pay $500. every quarter, and I was sure we'd get most of it back, since we didn't make that much, but no. They don't take enough out of Wes's retirement, and our other income is from the mortgage we hold on my parents' house, so we always get socked. If we were financially prudent, we'd hold some of it out, but it seems that it takes all we get just to live.
You know me, Miss Practical - I'm glad you're putting some towards your credit cards. ;)
Yup, I knew you'd approve. And you'd be right, too. :)