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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Small town life is sometimes terrific.

We had our water cut off on Tuesday. We didn't realize what had happened until about 9:00 PM. (Randi was a bit hysterical - she forgot to pay the bill, and she is NEVER late paying bills. Not. ever.) So what do we do? We call Neil (the police chief, who lives down the street from us) at home, and Neil says that the first time you get cut off, they turn off the water at the meter, but don't lock it. He said to take our water key to the meter and try turning the water back on. We did, and yup, we had water.

You tell me any big city - or even big town - water company who will cut you that kind of slack on your first offense, or that will even recognize that it's a first offense! Or where you can just call the police chief to get the problem fixed. LOL! Of course, this goes right along with, "I don't need to see your ID to cash a check," or "You forgot the credit card? That's OK, we'll just put the bill in your mailbox when we drop off your car in your driveway, and you can pay it when you get a chance."

I suppose, on a more somber note, I should talk a little about the VTech slayings. I can't add anything significant to the flood of grief that the whole nation is feeling. Naturally, I'm heartbroken at those deaths. Other than the obvious, however, I have three things to say. Which I'll put under a cut, in case y'all don't want to hear any more about this.

1) I am asking my flist not to view Cho's video. Partly that's to discourage the media from profiting from it, and partly it's because I don't want anyone I know to be exposed to that kind of horror. (And no, I haven't seen it, and have no intention of seeing it - but I have a coworker who did view it.)
2) As I'm sure everyone knows, there were plenty of signs that Cho was going to do this. I'm hoping that this will finally give a big push to the impetus started by Columbine to identify bullying and psychotic behavior, to provide information systems and education to all students, to create resources for managing these troubled people (and getting them away from normal people!), and to provide education on what to do in an incident (as in, telling people about it, strategies for survival, etc.).
3) One trend that makes me twitchy is that this has become a gun control issue. It is not a gun control issue, it is an anger and helplessness issue. If a person like Cho couldn't get a gun, he'd make a bomb. Or whatever. Some European countries seem to think that the US's lax gun control created this problem. Talk about weird logic.


I'm with you on almost all of the above. I mean, technically the items around my house right now are both legal and lethal in terms of making amatuer bombs. I'm not a gun-person at all, but I don't see how making it more and more restrictive is going to stop an endangered person from getting something dangerous, or using something and making it dangerous. Still, it would be nice if it was more difficult for certain people.

As for the media frenzy--let's say I'm disgusted that they would air these videos so quickly, for starters; people are still in shock--but there have been a few shows that have been addressing the issue of how the media is controlling the issue, and one opinionated show said it was healthy to take a step back and examine the issue for what it is, rather than what the media making a show of it to be.