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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Half my flist seems to be doing this, so naturally... here's mine.


Hee... very cute. Altho, I'm very surprised that you were able to resist the pet dragon! I barely managed it and he didn't suit my creation as well as yours. The throne is still awesome.
I didn't see the dragon!! ACK!
You can go back and get the dragon! You MUST have the dragon!
But I can't find the dragon!! I looked and looked... *weeps*
So cute!! :D And from what I know, its totally you!! :D
Oh, that's YOU, all right!! heeheehee!

She has "concubine" written all over her face. And other places you can't see from here.
The funny thing? Not all of the animation shows up here. When I view it on the Meez site, she leans back, laughing, and kicking her feet in the air, exposing a lot of leg. hee!
Yeah, same with mine. In the one on the Meez site, she rocks back, spreads her arms, closes her eyes, and does sort of an "incantation pose." Not on the link, though. How cheap are they?

I see you've changed your persona! Is that another "look" in your album? I could NOT get that to work. )#@@*#$&@(

What's the secret?
I'll be darned if I know. I kinda groped my way through. Essentially I made a new one, then added it to my album.

But darn, I didn't mean to change it on LJ! I have to fix that!