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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I got a nice treat reading about the first American Anime Awards in Anime Insider this weekend. Fullmetal Alchemist did well! Vic Mignogna won best actor, the show won best long series, and it also took best theme, best cast, and best DVD package design. Advent Children (which I also like) was best feature, and someone on my flist will like to know, if she doesn't already, that Fruits Basket was best manga.

On another note:

I watched Casino Royale yesterday. I agree with most critics that it was too long but otherwise really good. Daniel Craig is a terrific Bond. Sean Connery is, and probably always will be, my favorite Bond, and I loved Roger Moore as well. I would normally peg Pierce Brosnan as my second favorite Bond, but I felt that they never used his strong points - humor, wit, charm - enough, and overplayed the angst. If Craig goes on this strongly, he just might move to #2 on my list.

And oh, what a lovely body. That doesn't count in my estimation of a good vs not-so-good Bond, but it doesn't hurt the enjoyment of the movie. There was one scene where he and the baddie's sultry wife are exchanging verbal foreplay over the top of a car, and one of his expressions made my glasses steam up. It also made me think of one of the things that change as you get older (or are at least temporarily being mature, which is more the case with me) - when you're young and see a gorgeous, sexy man, you think of what you can do to him, but when you're older, you think of what he can do to you. Craig looks like he could do lots of nice things. Yum.

*Kat puts down her hormones and gets off the PC*


Hey, you beat me to it! I rented "Casino Royale" myself - despite not being a Bond fan at all - and thoroughly enjoyed it. Customers and friends said I would due to where it falls in the whole timeline. I was gonna mention it last time we were on chat, but we had so much else to say that I forgot!

Daniel Craig. Wow. Just... wow. Say it with me now, UB fans, "When I die, I want to be cremated and have my ashes sprinkled all over his body." *g*
Okay. FMA was already on my "must see" list because of your recommendation, and it's very good news to see it get proper accolade. I've never heard you mention Advent Children, but it goes on my list immediately. And yes, I am very pleased that Furuba got best manga, because yes, it's my favorite. Every excruciating detail. You didn't know that, did you? *giggle*

I agree with everything you said about Casino Royale and about the various James Bond actors in general. Daniel Craig is certainly a different, but very good Bond. Much grittier and more human, somehow, than the others. He isn't as suave or perfect as the usual James Bond, but I liked that. I wasn't expecting to like him; when I saw the pictures, I thought, "He doesn't look like James Bond!", but I did. A lot.

"Grittier and more human" - yes, that sums it up pretty well!

I can't recommend FMA too highly.

Advent Children is not for everyone's taste. But I loved it.
I think the one of the things I liked the best about this Bond was that he was fallible. There were parts where he jumped and missed, or fell and I went "Ouch, THAT must have hurt!" He got beat up and dirty. In that way, he reminded me of Indiana Jones. A big part of Indy's charm, for me, has always been that he might be awesome, but he's not infallible.