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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

First day at work after a week off. Blech. I'm trying to make it on two hours' sleep, too. On vacation, when I don't have to watch a clock, I fall into my normal biorhythms - to bed at 2AM, up at 10AM. Last night it was to bed at my normal hour (midnight), but of course I couldn't sleep until about 2.

If anyone's wondering, it was a nice vacation. I was pretty burned out - I didn't become "normal" (normal for me, anyway) until Wednesday! My brain was just nonfunctional. Which meant that I didn't play FFX until then, and then, when I finally could play, I got so addicted that I never did any writing. Sigh. In fact, the only thing that I got done (amongst the many things that I planned to do) was cleaning my bathroom. At least it sparkles now. :)

I watched a few movies and some episodes of Doctor Who. Daleks!! "Ex-ter-min-ate." Wow, blast from the past. One of the movies I watched was Secondhand Lions for about the 10th time. This time, since I just finished the two KH games, I kept thinking "Sora" while watching.

I got quite a ways along with FFX. I'm in the Calm Lands now.

Man, I was dreaming about it this morning. In the dream, Yuna had this ability to cast elemental attacks on weapons, and was casting lightningstrike on Tidus' sword. The scary thing? They were in an underwater fight, so even unconsciously, I was using the right element.

There are so many things I want to say about the game so far, and I'm so sleepy, I'll probably forget most of them. But here are the ones that occur to me, in no particular order.

My lust for Auron is, if anything, even worse than ever now that I've seen him at length.

Seymour Guado is a creepy, creepy villain. But a good one.

KH has taught me patience with levelling up characters. Usually I can level up for about 10 hours before I begin to get bored. So when I got creamed fighting the Al Bhed crawler, I spent a few hours running back and forth on the ice and in the woods in Macalania (which I keep calling Macadamia), fighting fiends. That got me much more familiar with (a) using the Sphere Grid (although I'm still not totally comfortable with it!), and (b) using the aeons effectively (like everyone else, I love those). I try hard to make sure everyone levels up at the same rate, but they've gotten to the point where they're so powerful, it's hard to get more than three involved in a standard fight!

The next time I go through the game, I should do much better, but in the meantime, I'm not doing badly. I got so involved in playing on the Sphere Grid that, by the time I finally decided to take on the Crawler, that puppy didn't even get a chance to open up with its Mana whatever-it-was. Other fiends who were supposed to be difficult, like the worm that protected Bevelle, were surprisingly easy. Of course, having the strategic guide helped A LOT.

One place the guide let me down was in the Cloister Trials in Bevelle. Haaaaate. But I got a walkthrough from GameFAQs, and that worked great.

I really hate battling aeons with Belamine. It is good practice, but still, I hate beating up on them. Especially Valefor, who's my favorite.

There are sure a lot of dead people running around in Spira.

zora113 told me the story is the best part of the game, and I have to agree. I actually found myself swearing at the Yevon maesters who were being so unfair to Yuna (and giving them the one-finger salute as well, BAD llama). The love scene between Yuna and Tidus was wonderful. I'm curious about what happens if you choose Lulu or Rikku for Tidus, there in the Guado city, but does anyone do that? I mean, Yuna/Tidus (Yunas? Tidna?) seems so obvious to me.

I looooove chocobos.

I have 82 save points.

I'm worried about Tidus now. I think he's going to be the next reborn Sin. Why? (a) Jecht is Sin, and was Braska's guardian, and now Tidus is Yuna's guardian, (b) Z told me that Yuna and Tidus are star-crossed lovers, and (c) although this sounds silly, Auron gave Tidus a very funny look when Tidus talked about returning to the Moonflow at night, after they defeated Sin. Now, that last one could have been because Tidus was the only one who didn't know that Yuna would die when she summoned the Final Aeon, but - still, it made me wonder. Yet I'm still hoping Tidus finds a way to save Yuna. And himself. But he's so out of place and seems so expendable... My theories for "his Zanarkand" are numerous, by the way. Sigh. I wish I could take another few days off so I can get to the end!

On the other hand, Seymour gave me enough trouble that now I'm really worried about Sin! I am assuming that I actually have to fight the thing. gak. I wish there was an option "Yuna gives up the pilgrimage"!


Oh, the plot is wonderful, and it gets even better. It just stays fantastic. FFX is my favorite game of all time, just for the plot. About which I will tell you nothing because it's much, much to awesome to spoil.

I'm curious about what happens if you choose Lulu or Rikku for Tidus, there in the Guado city, but does anyone do that?

It's less exciting than you think. =) It's actually just one of several things during the game that dictate how much the three girls "like" you, which helps determine 1) who you ride with on the snowmobile to the Macalania temple, and 2) something about Tidus' final overdrive, and possibly a few other small things. It hasn't got any effect on the plot, aside from that snowmobile scene a bit.
Despite having a PS2, I still haven't gotten around to the new ffgames. Methinks I'm saving them for winter (and like you say, it cuts in on writing time) but the stories generally are pretty good (I'd argue not so much with IX, but whatever) though then I'd start arguing plot vs. character and this would be very long-winded. All I'm going to say is that the game was successful enough that it warranted a sequel, so even though I've played neither, the story keeps going.

I am playing the second KH on hard mode, though. I'm right at the end but I'm leveling up so I can beat Sephiroth. I'm also very clueless in terms of how to level up forms/drives without help so it's apparently entertaining to watch me.
I heard the sequel was... not very good. But FFX is fantastic.

Do the forms level up differently in the hard mode? (I haven't tried it and don't intend to! I started it once and couldn't get past the very first boss!) If not, and you don't already know how, I can give you some hints on leveling up forms.

I'd love to argue plot vs character!
Like I said, I've yet to play either: But their story keeps going. I'm one of those people who don't care about spoilers so I have an idea what happens.

As for KH2 Leveling--I'm not sure, but according to a sight I saw it doesn't matter. It might be harder to level up (at least, harder) but I was pretty ignorant in terms of how to play, so I figured it out the same way as any game: Doing it over and over again. The first boss was actually really hard, but I just kept at it, and afer that it was mostly clear sailing (POTC world was hard, but once I got the jist it was alright) I'm not a gamer though, so I can't really comment.

LOL, @ Plot vs. Character I'd argue FFVII and IX had good characters, whereas the plots were average, but VIII had a really good plot, but weaker characters, but that's also based on several years from playing the game. I just remember the plot of IX I was all, "What? Huh?"
Ooh! Were you watching the new Doctor Who episodes? If so, what do you think of them? I'm slightly obsessed!
I was watching the new ones with Christopher Eccleston, yes. I haven't gotten to the next one (David Tennant?) yet. I love Billie Piper as Rose, which is great, since the Doctor's companions have never been big with me.

I was a fan of the series long ago. My favorite Doctor was Patrick Troughton (in fact, it was because of him that I first watched the show!), and my 2nd fave was Jon Pertwee. They're still my tops. I never did like Tom Baker in anything (pardon me if you do, please!), but there were others I liked as well. I think Eccleston is doing a great job, and I've been amazed at how true this new series is to the old ones. YAY!!
I've never been a fan of Tom Baker, to be honest. I've always found him quite irritating! My favourite old school Doctor is Sylvester McCoy, although I may be somewhat biased, as he was the Doctor that I grew up with when I was little! I really love David Tennant as the latest Doctor Who, though. He's so quirky and crazy!
Sylvester McCoy was terrific! When he first started, I was a bit doubtful, but, like Eccleston, he won me over by the end of the first episode I saw him in.

I'm glad to hear you say that about Tennant. Now I can look forward to those episodes, too!