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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I think I have shin splints. The symptoms are right, anyway, from what I looked up on WebMD. It's no big deal - they heal with rest, ice, and NSAIDs. The funny thing is, it's a condition usually associated with athletes. So is another problem I've had, plantar fasciitis. This is weird, given that the closest I get to anything athletic is throwing up my arms when the Redskins make a touchdown.

And speaking of football, I've been getting a huge kick out of an anime I was given in fansub (by some nice person who will remain nameless to avoid any unwanted attention from the EffBeeEye). It's called Eyeshield 21, and it's about a group of high school misfits playing American football. It's a raucous, manic-comedy sort of anime, not usually my style, but the football is fun and I just love the characters. Spookily, there's a guy who looks a lot like Hiko, whose first name happens to be Seijuro (I kid you not) - it's Hiko as a high-school football star. *thud* My favorite character, however, isn't him (although, yes, I do drool every time he appears), but a demonic nutcase with pointed ears, hair, and teeth, named Yoichi Hiruma. (Not Himura, but close. yipe). Anyway, since I can't talk to that person about it right now, I'm babbling about it here. Great fun. I also, much to my surprise, have been enjoying an anime about boxing, called Hajime no Ippo. The story is familiar and predictable, but still enjoyable and with good characters - I can make the same journey over and over, happily, if I enjoy the company.

On another note entirely, whether it's a hoax or not (I suspect not), I hope they find out who took the pictures of the Deathly Hallows pages, and throw the book at them. Pun unintended.

And as long as I'm feeling violent, wandering briefly back to football, I hope that they throw the book at Michael Vick, too. Yes, I know, innocent until proven guilty, but I predict he'll be convicted. I read part of the indictment, and it looks to me like they've got a good case. Jeez, I thought the steroids in baseball were bad! And Pete Rose is starting to look like a saint compared to what these football players have been doing lately.


Oh, COOL!! I'm not a manga reader, really, but I did peek at the manga today, a little, and it looks like the anime follows it closely.

Hiruma is a fan favorite? Well, darn!

And I'm jealous! I've seen parts of the art book, and it looks - vibrant, I think is the word I want.
You're right about Hiruma. I'm just sorry. I suppose the Net is littered with Hiruma/Sena fanfic.

I'd love *any* scans of the show. Thanks!
LOL! I was just thinking today, after watching eps 7 and 8, that Hiruma and Mamori would be a good pair.

Which one is Musashi? I'm just getting started with it and don't have all the characters yet.
Thanks! No, he hasn't made an appearance yet. I only have 13 eps, too. :(