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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Just in case any of you tuned in to CNN and saw the gas explosion in downtown Dallas, and maybe wondered if I was affected, I am alive and not blown up. It happened about 3 miles from where I work (and am sitting right now), but I didn't even know about it until my roomie called. I got the scoop by way of a lady in Maryland who saw it on CNN and called her son at Wal Mart, who happens to work with my roomie.

Anyway, although it was so close, I never felt it or heard it, and I will have no effects from it, not even a break in my commute. The bus lines and road closings are south and west of where I travel.


Geezus. Are people hurt? I hadn't heard but I'm glad you're okay.
Three people were injured, two of them seriously, and they've been brought next door to Parkland Hospital. Given the magnitude of the thing - watching the videos is awesome - that's amazing.

Thanks for your concern! :)
That is amazing, and wonderful. You said injured, not fatalities. Something similar happened once where I lived and we were lucky that only three died. Unfortunately they were all kids.

I'm very glad you and yours are safe. Sorry I don't comment more often, but I do keep you on my Flist.
Yes, just injured. Two with burns, one with a wrenched back. That's all. It's just amazing. Losing anyone in an accident like that is bad, but kids! That's much worse.

I don't comment much myself! And I knew you were there, just as I have you on my flist, too. *hugs*
Yeah... look up Olympic Pipeline Explosion, and add Bellingham if you need to, and that should give you plenty of info, but I won't blame you if you don't look it up. Scariest day of my life,and I really mean that. Your gas explosion might be the same for some people out there, still.
I suck at commenting. ;) But It seemed important to ask.
Oh! Wow! I read about that in Reader's Digest! You were *there*??

This was *much* more contained, and despite the way the media is reporting it, not close to any residential area.

You don't suck at commenting. You do it very well. You just save your comments for the important things. :)
Er, yeah. The house I grew up in, and my parents still live in, is right close to Whatcom Falls Park. I wasn't home at the time, and looking up the hill I thought my house was on fire, too. I don't really like remembering.
Well, maybe. I asked about this because of that, so... yeah. But you're always welcome to drop a random hello! I should do that more often.
I don't know a thing but I'm thankful that it sounds like no one's been killed. Prayers to those hurt, and I hope they heal swiftly.
I'm glad that you're safe, babe.
Well thats a relief!! I hadn't heard about it at all, before your mention, here, but still!! A relief!


OY! I hadn't heard about it until here. I'm so glad you're safe.

Man. It makes me wonder, in light of that horrible bridge collapse in MN, what would happen if any of us became suddenly incommunicado after such a thing. If it were you, DragonGirl, I would not be able to sleep, and probably would start driving to Lone Oak right as soon as I could find a jackrabbit sitter. :(

I'm so glad you're there and you're okay.


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