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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

This is a long overdue post. I've been far too indolent lately, and neglectful of many things, not the least of which is this journal.

I'll save y'all the boredom of reading my excuses. Lets just say that "real life" has had an immensely draining effect on what I consider my real life, so that my spare time has been spent either recuperating from mental/physical exhaustion or in escapism (*coughFFXcough*).

For anyone who's just checking up on me in passing, I'm really fine. Life hasn't been easy lately, but I have no major problems, I still have a job, and the animals are all OK. I'm not going anywhere, I'm only depressed once in a while, and I'm still reading and watching stuff. I haven't been writing, but I keep hoping to correct that soon.

For those of you who want more details, I'm sticking them under a cut.

Autographs! By far the most exciting thing to happen to me lately is that loklore went to Otakon and got two autographs for me. They are from... drum roll here... Peter S. Beagle (!) and OMG!!!! Steve Blum (put your Mute on to avoid fangirl squeals). Loki had to work hard to get these, especially Blum's, and while I've already thanked him about 10 times, I'm putting in a word of appreciation here, too. If anyone wants to see my autographs, check out this and that. Loki also shook Steve's hand, but he'd already washed the hand several times, and because of that and the fact that he hasn't asked me for a penny to pay him back for the book and DVD, I decided that asking him to cut off his hand and send it to me would be a bit much.

Harry Potter: I have yet to see the new movie, and will probably have to wait for the DVD now. But I have read the book, thanks to zora113, who sent me a copy. (How the hell can I possibly ever be depressed when I have such great friends??) I really don't have anything to add to the discussions, since I agree with what everyone's been saying, pretty much. I really liked the book - it's my 2nd favorite - because it felt less meandering than the past few. Also, I never did like the dark path the books went down after #1, so having it resolved more-or-less happily was good for me. I want to go back and re-read them all now, naturally.

Now that I've said that I liked it, I'm adding that I am not blind to the weaknesses of the book. As a writer, it seems to me that it feels in many places as if the writer was rushing through stuff she didn't want to write about, in order to just get. to. the end. A lot of details were fudged and threads left hanging. Again as a writer I can see that she never considered Remus Lupin as anything more than a secondary character, but as a fan, I was disappointed. The thing is, JKR's strengths are in the intimate, the close, the personal. Her scenes of characters interacting are better - sometimes much better - than her "epic" scenes. I really wish she hadn't chosen to go down the epic good-vs-evil path. I think HP would have been just as popular if she hadn't killed off any characters, kept Voldy a more distant figure, and focused on the delightful social satire, world creation, and wonderful characterizations at which she excels. But I can't second-guess her. I'm sure she had her reasons for going in the direction she went, and it's obvious she'd planned it from the start.

Good points were a lack of Ginny (who bores me) and near-lack of teenaged angst (if you excise the camping trip), as well as the development of several characters, notably Harry himself, Luna, and the amazing Neville. Also, she did manage to bring in nearly every character from the previous books, which was good. The final battle being placed at Hogwarts was perfect. (But she killed FRED???)

Anyway, now that I've read it, I seem to be managing the feat of agreeing with everyone about it.

Fright night: I've been getting the itch lately to write. Which is a good thing. But on Wednesday, when I pulled out last year's Nano, I was missing almost all of it. I didn't panic - it was my laptop, surely more recent files would be elsewhere. But no. Only the one file. I was freaking!!! Totally panic stricken. Some of that story was good stuff, and I knew I could never recreate it. My BP must have been through the roof, because when we went out to the barn, my whole face felt flushed and I could barely speak. Then we let the horses in, and that lunkhead Peanut is missing!

The good news is, all was found. Stupid Peanut was in the neighbor's field, which cost us about 15 minutes of trouble that night, to fetch her, and about half an hour of hot work and hard walking for me the next morning to fix the fence where she'd gone through. And while working, a thought occurred to me about Redhand, which was that maybe I hadn't written the story in chapters, but all one file, and the one on the laptop was simply an earlier version. Sure enough, when I checked my hard drive and other back-ups, I found the bigger, complete file (111 pages as opposed to 26). So I had just been dumb. Now I just have to finish the darn thing! And before November, too.

Doctor Who: I just finished the first season, which had, as a finale, one of the best shows I've ever seen in any series. I will miss Christopher Eccleston a lot. This weekend I start season 2, and we'll see if Barty Crouch will win me over. Since I started out with Eccleston going "Ew, so not my type" and ended up adoring him, and since the scripting and directing is so darned good, I anticipate the same thing happening with Tennant. We'll see. Rose is by far my favorite of all the companions, just by the way.

FFX: I'm almost finished recording the cut scenes for the game. This has taken a long time and a lot of disks, but I can't say it hasn't been worth it, since playing the game through a second time wasn't exactly a trial! Just as with Kingdom Hearts, I've come to love the characters, every one of them, even the ones I thought I wouldn't like at first or the ones that sometimes annoy me (mostly Wakka). I've spent about 200 hours of gameplay with them, and I'm not tired of them yet. (And yes, I'm still drooling over Auron, if anyone asks.)

Work: I guess I have to stick something nasty in here, just as a spice. My roomie is still at Wal Mart - the job we hoped for didn't work out (the position didn't get funded). My own job still sucks, but I've been specifically asked not to leave, so I guess I'm secure in it for a while. Beginning Oct. 1st I have a raise coming, so maybe my attitude will improve.

Health and stuff: The monsoon season here has left me in pretty much constant pain, but I'm hoping that will ease off now that the mud is no more. The insects are awful. But then, we've almost licked our mouse problem. And the stupid raccoon has stopped getting into the grain. I can't get AC in the car - the problem did turn out to be the ($800) compressor instead of the ($200) hose or whatever, so I'm just having to put up with being way too hot on the way home in the evenings.

Well, shoot. I'm sure there's more to talk about, but if so, I've forgotten it. I'll try not to be such a jerk anymore.


T.S. Beagle - Last Unicorn, right?

Haven't gotten around to reading the new Harry Potter book, but I think JK Rowling's the only successful author I pity, if only because she had such expectation to live up to, it almost seemed like she had to go with past successes. As for Lupin, I was always surprised that given that Lupin was one of his father's greatest friends, Harry wouldn't be looking at him like a surrogate uncle like Sirius, but I digress. I'm not a huge fan of the books, but I think they're for the most part well written.

I'm convinced Ginny's a canon Sue, but whatever.

As for finding time to write, I cheat and started bringing a journal with me to places. That way if I'm in line or have ten minutes to myself, I can write down a story segment or an idea to work with, and if it is a story segment I edit myself as I retype it. I guess some people would consider that twice as much work, but I type quickly and like I say, I edit it as I go (I edit a lot, but that's because I have the habit of chicken-scratching).

Anyway, feel better. Summer's too short, right?
Yes, Beagle wrote the book and the screenplay for the animated movie of The Last Unicorn.

I agree that Rowling is to be pitied, even if only as a writer. (It's hard for me to pity anyone that rich!) But I'm the opposite of you - I don't think the books are well written, but I'm a fan. LOL! As for Lupin, I think perhaps the reasons Harry never turned him into a surrogate uncle were two: one, Harry isn't accustomed to having family, so that's not automatic, and two, Lupin himself, due to his "condition", discouraged a close relationship with anyone. I think Harry took to Sirius so quickly because they had similar personalities and Sirius was his (official) godfather.

And yes, Ginny is a canon Sue, IMHO.

I actually have *time* to write. Not a lot, but enough. It's the mental energy that I lack. I'm hoping that cooler weather will help.
Christopher Eccleston made an amazing Doctor Who! I thought it was such a shame that he only recorded one series and I was genuinely sad to see him go. I'm sure that you'll warm to David Tennant in no time, though. He's quirky, a little odd, and very lovable.
I'll keep you posted! I start the Tennant ones tomorrow, when my roomie can watch them with me.