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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I'm finding the entire Michael Vick affair to be fascinating. (And if you don't, you can stop reading this post and save some time!)

For anyone who doesn't know, Vick is an NFL quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons, a young, major star with a $130M contract, who was indicted recently for running a dogfighting ring. He recently put in a guilty plea as part of a plea bargain. Among other things, the indictment claims that he killed non-aggressive dogs by various nasty means.

What tickles me about this whole thing, if I can be forgiven for finding any part of it amusing, is the enormous groundswell of public opinion. Other NFL players have been in trouble with the law, more serious trouble than Vick. But the outcry against Vick has far exceeded any other. Because he abused, tortured, and killed dogs.

It's been said that the best measure of a society is how they treat their animals, and if so, ours is doing pretty good. Thousands of people all over the country have stirred themselves to send emails and letters censuring Vick and demanding that he should be punished not only by the law but also by the Falcons and the NFL.

And that's not all they've sent. hee! The Atlanta Humane Society has been receiving donations of Vick's jersey. These jerseys are now being used like any other rag or towel at the Humane Society - to clean cages and make soft beds for dogs. Excuse me while I crack up here!


Yea I was hearing about this too on CNN. Even though I don't follow sports, I have heard about athletes getting in trouble with the law. I find it funny too the amount of publicity this is getting versus I guess other crimes having been committed. The jersey thing is a nice touch. Lol.
I love that the humane society is getting donations of Vick jersey's. That right their is priceless!
You might not be nearly as amused if you lived closer to it, because after a while it's just annoying. Maybe it's just me, there's only so many times a day, every day, I can hear about these things. Sure, it's cool that people have this outcry about what he did, but I'm not convinced his career as a celebrity is ruined so much as made by this. Call me a cynic, but if he ends up saying he's reformed and getting a book deal and making millions of dollars from that, I wouldn't call it justice...
Boy, do I agree with THAT. I'd be ecstatic to see the whole issue go away (now that the possible good it'll do has been accomplished) and to see Vick fade into total obscurity. I probably won't get that wish, but who knows? I can't always believe the worst about the American public. Sometimes it can surprise me.
You never know, maybe he's had his five minutes and that'll be it. I guess I'm too cynical to see the good in it right off, but it's nice to think the whole thing might have raised some awareness. There have been some recent articles in the Times-Dispatch about proper treatment of dogs.
I am, and I hate to think it, living in redneck country now. Dogs are very popular out here and some of the people who own dogs do because it's just part of what you do. They don't love them or care for them, they just have them. Ginny's parents have horror stories about the people who used to live across the street, from whom they got their dog. Theirs is pretty well cared for and lives in the house and gets daily walks and still has inexplicable neuroses, which could have to do with breeding. Dogs chained up in back yards seems more common here than in WA, and I see more of them loose, too. A lot of people don't seem to see dogs as indoor pets, and considering these are social pack animals that's just downright cruel.
Wow, good point, reymonkey...

How about if any proceeds from book sales he makes in the future are mandated to be given over to animal welfare groups.

Now *that* would be justice!
Now that I could stand behind, I'd even buy a few copies, but it seems unlikely a judge would hand down that kind of sentence.

Just Rey, or it used to be Reya Cil or Rayven. I had no idea you were on LJ. I read your Shan Yu fic.
Yay, Rey!! The bestest Shan Yu arTEEST!!

Can you believe I've actually been working on that story lately? I go back and read it and cannot believe how badly it bites.

(Dragon gets mad at me when I do that.)
I do. It does not bite. It's great.
*blushes* I'm not sure about that. But I am working on a project right now, going back through all the fandoms I've been interested in and doing a really nice picture for each. Shan Yu's on the list. I looked up your fic researching for that, and saved the link. I have the same problem, I look back on the crap I wrote when I first got into the online fandoms and cringe. Much of it needs to either be rewritten or shoved into a very dark deep closet...
You're both sickeningly talented and ridiculously modest and self-critical. So there.
Err... I can point to plenty of people more talented than me. I do recognize I'm pretty good at it, but... yeah. I know very few people who aren't self-critical. What can I say, my mother only ever told me what was wrong with my drawings.
I didn't mean Tian Ning's fic was bad or anything, either, just sharing in the understanding of self-critique. Ergh. I've just been trying to edit a webpage in Russian, my brains are a little scrambled.
I really didn't mean I shared in the opinion, about your fic. It's a hell of a lot better than anything I wrote at the time, and probably better than I could write now, really...
I don't understand how anybody could bring themselves to hurt an animal, let alone kill one...