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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

For once, some good news! And about my writing!

One, my two books have finally gotten through the editing process at Reader's Eden, an online ebook publisher. I'm going to make the (very few) changes the editors have requested this weekend, and then Mr. Harding Proposes and GreenSpell will be ebooks.

Two, to my complete astonishment, I got yet another royalty check for the short story I published so long ago. This was for sales of the Italian edition, and less than $12, but still! Royalties! And someone is still reading my story somewhere. Yay!


Wonderful news! Congratulations!
That's awesome! I don't know too much about e-publishing, but I've heard a lot of contemporary writers are going that way.
It's easy and quick, and you don't need an agent, but sales are very low. However, if a good, low-price reader is ever invented, it might take off. Who knows?
:) :) :)

You know, I have no idea. The royalty statement just says "Italian edition". I've actually gotten a lot of royalties from the German edition, but that was a long time ago.
That's totally fantastic and exciting! Ebooks! Royalties! Congratulations, Kat. :)
Hey! Awesome!! Congrats! :D

Also, I have music for you!! I sent the lyrics to this in to AL *ages* ago, for Spike. Its always reminded me of Spike and Bebop in general... Well, now I've uploaded it, so if you'd like to hear it after all this time, here ya go! :D Mad About You by Hooverphonic
Thanks! I'll DL that right away!
eeeee! I know a famous author!!!

(Will you sign my head?)
... sign your head? Well, I guess it could have been worse. Like, the other end. (To which I can hear you say, "Sign the soles of my feet?")