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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I'm not sure if anyone reading this will consider it a sad story, as I do. But I'll put it here anyway.

It's a short tale of a rat.

We've always had rats down at the barn, of course. But although I've known they were there (don't ask), I rarely saw one. This one, however, I saw twice. He was different from the other rats. Not cautious enough, obviously - where I had only seen the other rats as they scampered swiftly away to hiding, this one sat and looked at me for several seconds before deciding to leave. He looked different, too, which is why I knew it was him each time. He was bigger by about a third, and a little more plump. His tail was shorter, his eyes larger. His fur, instead of being spiky and dark, was fawn-brown with a creamy belly and looked soft and luxurious.

My roomie and I guessed that he was someone's pet, either escaped or deliberately freed.

Whatever he was, he wasn't equipped for life at the barn. Rats are smart. Until now, the only dead one I'd seen had been killed by something, probably one of our barn cats. But this one wasn't that smart.

Yesterday, my roomie found him drowned in one of the horse buckets. I suppose he was running along the top and slipped in, and then, of course, couldn't get out.

Poor little guy. If we could have saved you, we would have.


That is too sad! :( Poor little dude.
Oh... that really is terribly sad! :(
AWWWW. Poor little Wattie!

(Have you seen Ratatouille yet?)
Not yet. Is it out on DVD?