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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

We lost a pet the night before last - Randi's little parakeet, Cretin.

She's had a tumor for several weeks, but the vet believed it to be benign, and surgery would have been more dangerous than the tumor no matter what. So we brought her home, where she had a couple of weeks of being her happy self before she died. She seemed uncomfortable and even, possibly, in pain for a few days, but then that seemed to pass and she was acting perfectly normally.

She was always a cheerful and affectionate little bird, and we miss her terribly. As always, feeding time was the hardest, since we had to put away her cup when we're so used to filling it up for her. We are only consoling ourselves with the knowledge that her last days were normal for her and that she died in her own home, amongst her friends.


Oh, dear, that's terribly sad. I'm so sorry. :(
*HUGS* I'm very sorry. I didn't know one of the critters was in trouble. :-(
I didn't mention it because we thought she had plenty more time to live. But birds are fragile.
I somehow missed this entry, so I'm sorry to be late in responding to it. That's very sad news. :*( We had a parakeet once who died in much the same manner; it came as a bit of a shock, so I know how you must be feeling. *hugs to both you and Randi*
awww. I am so sorry.

But she had a good, loved life. That's all we can do, when medicine isn't enough.

hugs to you and Randi...