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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Rosa (one of the Thoroughbred mares) gave us a scare last night. She was laying down on the hay pile. It's rare to catch a horse laying down anyway, unless they're sick, and naturally Randi and I thought "COLIC!!". She didn't get up when we approached, either. (Panic!!) Then she stretched out flat. (PANIC!!)

So we looked at her. She lifted her head and looked at us, unconcerned. Tense, pretending-to-be-cool dialog ensued. "She's not sweating." "No. She's not breathing hard, either." "No." "She doesn't look distressed." "No. And she's not looking at her side." "Must be OK." "Yeah. Just resting. She ran hard yesterday." "Maybe she doesn't get up because we woke her up and she's still sleepy." "Probably." "Lets go put some grain in her bucket. That'll get her up." "Yes, I'm sure."

So we head for the barn, both of us acting calm, and both of us suffering a huge adrenalin spike. Of course, by the time we got through the gate, Rosa had gotten to her feet and was acting normally. When I let her through the gate after food/hay/water was put in the stalls, she cut Tango off just like she always does. And as I'm breathing my first relaxed breath in half an hour, my roomie crows, "Nose dive into the grain! Nothing to worry about!"

Stupid damned horse.

On another note entirely, I have a person who is submitting so much stuff to AL that I can't keep up at all. My backlog of her emails is 195. Yeah, that's not a typo. Almost 200 contributions from her in the past month or so. And she's nagging me about it. I told her not to send any more until I caught up, and I refuse to do ANY of hers until I've done everyone else's and still have time left.


I'm glad that Rosa is okay. What a pretty name! I don't think I've ever heard you mention her.

What in the world is this person contributing? Is it all for one fandom? And if there's one thing I can NOT abide it's having someone nag. It's ... duh ... not like you have nothing else to do. Sheesh.

In honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day: Arrrr! Do ye want that I should swab the deck with the pesky wench?
I'm sorry I haven't been around. My life has been nuts. I would just start ignoring her requests and not do anything for her until her behavior improves. It always irked me when people tried to bump theirs up in line/get special favors, but I think by running the sight that's a pretty big favor in and of itself!

Anyway, glad your horse is okay. From a distanced perspective of someone who knows el squatto about horses, it sounds like she was... well, misbehaving.
Wow, I don't know anything about horses either, but I'm glad she's alright. Sounds like she was just messing with your head. Hopefully she won't do that again.
Glad to hear the horse is okay.

In regards to the contributions, that's way too many. 195? Yikes.
I swear they do things like that just to see how many years they can take off our lives. Reminds me of the time Alex (my bunny) was being baby-sat by my mom. He fell asleep in the hallway doorway and started dreaming, head lolling back, eyes rolling back into his head and all limbs twitching as if he was having a seizure.

My mom comes in and sees this and starts screaming, "OH MY GOD, DANA IS GOING TO KILL ME!" And Alex just kept on dreaming as my mom and stepsister stared in panic. And then he woke up, rolled over and just glared at them, as if to say, "Can you stop all that noise? Can't a guy take a nap around here?"